It may be a relatively new animation studio, having been founded in 2011, but Studio Trigger has been a fan favorite ever since they burst onto the scene with the extraordinary and iconic anime. Kill the prey. More recently, the feature film Promar became a hit with fans and critics alike.

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However, not all of his productions can reach those heights. Here are 10 of Trigger’s shows that fans didn’t like as much, and the ratings on MyAnimeList reflect the general consensus. For the sake of fairness, only shows that have completed their run have been included, from highly anticipated television anime to experimental web animations.

10 Little Witch Academia is good, but not the best (7.88)

Little witch academy

Trigger was very excited to deliver when it came to the full version of his popular short film, Little Witch Academy. Fortunately, the series did not disappoint fans, providing poignant lessons with beautiful animation.

However, it failed to capture the attention of the anime community in the way that Kill the prey made. Perhaps this is because it lacked the incredibly imaginative and over the top action and story of the previous series; Or maybe it just didn’t have that feeling of something new that fans had come to expect from the studio.

9 Space Patrol Luluco is an explosion of celebration that was not to everyone’s liking (7.59)

What better way for Studio Trigger to celebrate its fifth anniversary than with a show that took all the lighthearted ridiculousness of Kill the prey and dialed it up to 20? Every episode of Luluco Space Patrol it’s eight minutes of colorful cartoon action comedy that even features crossovers with other Studio Trigger franchises.

However, it was definitely not for everyone, as it had a hyper-cartoonish art style reminiscent of the controversial Panties and stockings with garter belt. As both series were worked on by many members of the same staff, those who weren’t fans of Panty and Stocking could have found Luluco hard to get too.

8 BNA needed another 12 episodes (7.42)

BNA- Opening of brand new animals

A world where humans have spent their entire history fighting and discriminating against beastmen, a cross between humans and other animals with the power to alter their own genetics. A city for beastmen with a dark secret. A young woman with the power to change the world.

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Those are the building blocks of BNA: New Animal, a show that attempted to incorporate philosophy, political drama, and high-powered action into just 12 episodes. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to fully develop any of those themes.

7 Kiznaiver’s style drowned out the promising substance (7.42)

Kiznaiver follows its tenuous protagonist, Katsuhira, as he becomes part of a project that sees him share pain and wounds with other Kiznaivers. It’s an intriguing premise and a promising setting for a series that was eager to explore the nature of empathy, friendship, and what it really means to be connected with someone.

Unfortunately, Trigger’s signature eclectic visuals ended up distracting attention from philosophy. That, combined with what viewers considered melodramatic writing that moved away from the already interesting conflict between the characters, left Kiznaiver, ironically, unable to connect with the audience.

6 DARLING In The FRANXX’s Ending Let It Down (7.31)

Darling in the franxx

Early episodes of DARLING in the FRANXX quickly caught the eye of viewers with what promised to be Trigger’s version Neon genesis Evangelion– Troubled teens piloting mechs, dealing with relationships, discovering their sexuality, and uncovering the secrets behind the organization they work for.

However, many fans felt that character development and world-building ended up being in vain, when a hasty ending saw the series jump the shark in its final episodes. Fans were left wanting Trigger to make a End of Evangelion with the series and remake its last two episodes.

5 Inferno Cop’s limited animation disappointed some viewers (7.28)

Infernal police is essentially all the ridiculous and comical action of Kill the prey condensed into three minute episodes. It’s just that the animation was mostly reduced to still images moving on the screen.

If that sounds hilariously absurd, it’s because Infernal police it is. This literal joke of a show is basically a budgeting experiment, as its short run time and limited animation were put in place so that Trigger staff had enough resources to work on other projects. But while it may have been a fun experiment, it wasn’t exactly a great work of art.

4 SSSS: Grridman’s Tokusatsu Styles Alienated Some Modern Viewers (7.17)

SSSS Gridman

The 2018 anime SSSS.Gridman is a reimagining of the classic 1993 tokusatsu series Gridman the hyper agent and it’s also packed with references to other shows from that era. That makes for a fun throwback, but unfortunately, it also meant that some viewers saw it as a cliché.

However, it was popular enough to recently get a companion series in the Spring 2021 anime season, SSSS.Dynazenon. Only time will tell if this franchise has what it takes to become Trigger’s long-running smash hit or if its retro style will end up being a thing of the past.

3 When supernatural battles become common it is surprisingly … common (7.12)

when supernatural battles become common

From a title like When supernatural battles become common, a viewer might think that he will be treated to a typically Trigger-style story of explosions, highlights, and over the top action. But in reality, the show is a fairly generic high school harem romance with elements of everyday life.

These teens may have been given supernatural powers, but they still spend most of their time chatting in the clubroom. Even the animation seems to lack Trigger’s signature flair, and the art is indistinguishable from just about any other anime that came out in 2014.

two Animation’s Ninja Slayer is a joke that takes too long (6.60)

Animation Ninja Slayer, which follows a man possessed by the spirit of a legendary ninja, is essentially a parody of some of the most ridiculous tropes in anime, with hilariously poor animation moments.

Trigger tried this formula before, with his irreverent but popular Inferno Cop. While viewers could take Trigger’s highly concentrated brand of ridiculousness into Infernal policethree minute doses, each fifteen minute episode of Ninja slayer ended up letting the joke go on for too long, with none of the substance showing as Kill the prey used to reinforce its exaggerated tone.

1 Hacka Doll Animation is a very long and fan service ad (6.40)

It may come as a surprise to fans who know the studio for its high-profile experimental action anime series, but Trigger has produced several ad campaigns over the years, for products ranging from mobile games to fruit-flavored alcohol. . However, they had never done a full promo show before 13 episodes. Hack Doll Animation.

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It’s not exactly a surprise that an entire comedy show based on a news personalization service ends up having to squeeze every parody beyond the point of humor. That, combined with over-the-top fan service, meant that few fans bought this extended piece of product placement.

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