When a fan asked Natalie if she would sell her sneakers, she agreed and started an auction. She also revealed the story behind her shoes.

Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day fiancé is selling his most talked about tennis shoes on Instagram. She started an auction after one of her fans asked her if she would be willing to sell them. These white sneakers became very popular with fans when Natalie wore them with her sparkly white dress. The Ukrainian recently underwent liposuction on her abdomen, waist and chin. He initially tried to lose weight by exercising. However, the training also made her breasts smaller.

So Natalie opted for an artificial procedure to get rid of the extra fat from her body. While talking to her fans on Instagram, Natalie said that she looks quite skinny. Still, she needed this procedure because, without clothes, she looks a bit chubby in certain areas of her body. So, he underwent the surgery, which did not cost him much. She recently showed off her small waist in a sexy dress and running shoes. While many 90 day fiancé Fans loved Natalie’s outfit and choice of shoes, others said she should have chosen heels with that kind of glamorous dress.

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Nonetheless, Natalie’s shoes received a lot of attention from fans, and one of them is eager to buy them. The 36-year-old beauty recently had a question and answer session on her Instagram and received a message from a fan. “Will you sell your white sneakers?Natalie She said she only has a size seven pair but would be willing to sell them. She described the shoes as “legendary“Because he brought them from Ukraine and did all his photo shoots while wearing them. Then he opened an auction for them.

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Natalie Mordovtseva - 90 Day Fiancé

The former actress asked for bids and promised that the highest bidder would get her sneakers and also an IG post. It would be interesting to see who would be the highest bid and who would be the highest bidder. That is a very smart way to earn some extra money. But Mike Youngquist’s wife isn’t just looking to make money; He also wants to donate to organizations that work for the welfare of women. She participated in Maximumthe cover girl contest, which may help her win the grand prize of $ 25,000.

Natalie wants to win this contest so she can donate a portion of the prize to women’s organizations and also start a training company. Other 90 day fiancé Star Julia Trukina is competing in this contest. However, he planned to use the money for three different purposes. He wants to pay the first installment on his house, which he can convert into an animal shelter. He also intends to travel with his parents. A lots of 90 day fiancé viewers think she is “youth” Y “naive“Because there’s no way she can do all of that for just $ 25,000.

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