A creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has recreated the famous “Fish Are Friends” scene from Finding Nemo using three fish models.

Fish are friends, even in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A clever New Horizons The player recently recreated the famous “Fish are friends”. Finding Nemo scene using three fish models made by CJ’s partner, Flick. Insect and fish models are typically used for little more than collectibles for dedicated fishermen and bug hunters, but some players have found very creative ways to incorporate the models into island designs.

New Horizons featured Flick and CJ as the newest Animal crossing NPC. The first, a chameleon, loves to collect insects, while the second, a beaver, loves to collect fish. Flick and CJ visit New Horizons islands on separate days to buy insects and fish from players at prices higher than Timmy and Tommy Nook. Additionally, Flick has a talent for creating realistic models of insects and fish. A player must simply give Flick three of the same bug or CJ three of the same fish, and they will send the player a replica of the creature. While Flick’s fish models are smaller than their beloved insect models, players have still found nifty ways to decorate with them.

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The latest clever creation comes from the Reddit user lipopo45. The New Horizons The player shared an image of a room in their game house covered with Underwater Wallpaper and Underwater Floor, two recipe items obtained in summer. In the center of the room sat a model surgeonfish on the left versus a model clownfish on the right. A hungry-looking shark model looked menacingly between the two. Some Finding Nemo The fan would probably instantly recognize that this was a recreation of the scene where Bruce (the shark) wants to eat Dory (the surgeonfish) and Marlin (the clownfish). “Fish are friends, not food!“The creator captioned the image.

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Taking movie scenes to the Animal crossing world has become a common practice, thanks to New Horizons giving players the freedom to create just about anything they can think of. Earlier this week, another player celebrated AAPI Month by recreating the scene of the wedding of Crazy Rich Asians using the game’s wedding season event items. Horror fans have even recreated some of their favorite movies on New Horizonsincluding The glow Y Midsummer.

Who would have imagined that this family-oriented island life simulator could have so much creative potential? When the newest Animal crossing The delivery introduced new elements and the ability to decorate both the exterior and the interior of the houses, without a doubt opened the door to greater creativity. However, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players have taken their creativity to new heights and they never cease to amaze.

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Fountain: lipopo45 / Reddit

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