Dungeons and Dragons games have been around for almost 50 years, and in that time some interesting ideas have emerged. From the classics, like Magic Missile, to the thousands of homemade spells created by fans, there is a spell for just about anything.

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Focusing on the official fifth edition spells, and one of the recent arcana unearthed, these spells are useful and interesting to use. Use one of these spells on your next character to summon a fortress or make your DM have to work harder.

10 Awakening: make a bush or dinosaur your friend

With an 8-hour cast time, plus a 1000 gp worth material component, Awaken doesn’t sound like a spell that would be fun to take, but it’s secretly packed with comic twists. This level 5 druid and bard spell allows you to create your own friend from any large or small beast or plant.

Okay, they have to be 3 or less intelligence, but there are many beasts that fall on that scale, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex and all the plants you see for miles.

9 Legend of Lore: Get your DM to make up Lore Up

Dungeons & Dragons: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

By naming or describing a person, place, or object, this spell brings new knowledge that the character, the player, and probably the Dungeon Master are unaware of. Although it is a 5th-level spell used by bards, clerics, and wizards, it is unlikely to be used in a typical game due to its cost, which totals nearly 500 gp.

This spell is worth trying at least once, as it would make any DM think on their feet, usually resulting in some fun table moments.

8 Jim’s Glowing Coin: Flip a coin at your distractor

Introduced in the Acquisitions Incorporated companion book, Jim’s Glowing Coin is a second-tier enchantment to be used by Wizards. To cast this spell, a coin is tossed at a range of 60 feet. When it lands, it ignites, causing all creatures of the caster’s choice, within 30 feet, to make a Wisdom saving throw or be distracted for up to 1 minute.

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This spell is perfect for anyone trying to be cunning, as distracted creatures have disadvantages on Perception checks. It may not be useful for many situations, but it will probably work perfectly once.

7 Powerful fortress – has turrets and tons of food

Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook

Not all campaigns have time for long rest periods, but that’s okay as it doesn’t have to happen for many players. When it happens, this spell is highly recommended as a place to stay. A level 8 mage spell that costs a diamond worth at least 500 gp, there are tons of benefits to this mighty stronghold.

This place has it all: 100 invisible servants, 7 days of food for 100 people, turrets on the outer walls, and as many rooms as you want. Spend the rest in style and keep casting this spell to make it permanent.

6 Nathair’s giggling antics, blinding flowers and more in a spell

Dungeons & Dragons: Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

The only arcana unearthed on this list, Nathair’s Mischief is a second-tier illusion spell for bards, wizards, and wizards. This spell draws the line between being comically funny and powerful, as it creates a 20 foot cube for one minute that has 1 of 4 effects.

A 1 enchants those inside, a 2 sprays flower water on their face that blinds them, a 3 causes them to giggle and incapacitate them, forcing them to move in a random direction, and a 4 causes them to appear. molasses and make the cube hard. land.

5 Time Ravage – Smash your enemies by making them old

Avengers Endgame Old Steve Rogers Captain America

Time Ravage is an extremely powerful level 9 wizard spell that costs 5000gp, but is worth it for the results. When targeting a creature, if they fail a Con save, they take 10d12 necrotic damage and begin to age “to the point where they only have 30 days left before dying of old age.

This spell is dark and extremely fun to use on something like a main character, including the DM’s beloved BBEG. The only way to heal these effects is to use Wish or Greater Restoration at level 9.

4 Blink: it just disappears for a while

Scarlet Witch of Cropped Teleportation (1)

For 1 minute, your character can simply disappear onto the Ethereal Plane whenever you roll an 11 or better on a d20. When you return, you can choose a vacant spot within 10 feet to respawn.

Disappearing for six rounds of combat may not seem all that useful, but it’s a fun gameplay experience to wait until all enemies are taken care of and then reappear without a scratch. This is especially useful if your character is trying to be a pacifist or if you have run out of spells except in a third-level space.

3 Psychic Scream: Make Your Heads Explode Literally

Subclass of psychic warrior fighter in D&D

Another level 9 spell, this time for bards, wizards, warlocks, and wizards, Psychic Screams takes vicious taunting to its extreme. This spell forces an Intelligence save that, if it fails, deals 14d6 psychic damage and stuns the victim.

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The best part of this spell happens if you kill the opponent. When a target is killed by this spell, its head explodes. While this spell would be fun in a normal game, using it during an evil campaign would be the perfect tool to use on anyone who stands in the way of your power.

two Dream: Be the Freddy Krueger of your enemies’ nightmares

Freddy Krueger Dream Warriors

Like the two types of dreams, there are two ways to use the Dream spell. The first is a nice shape, allowing the player character to shape the dream of a known creature and act as a simple messenger. This can be used to have a full conversation with the sleeping creature and convey a message.

Alternatively, Dream can be used to make a nightmare, giving the messenger a monstrous and terrifying appearance. The message in this form can only be 10 words long. Also, the target cannot receive any benefit from the rest and take 3d6 psychic damage.

1 Reverse gravity: remake the effervescent lift room of Wonka’s factory

Willy Wonka Charlie Bucket and Uncle Joe

This spell is exactly what the name says. By casting this 7th-level spell, a druid, sorcerer, or wizard can reverse gravity from a 50-foot radius, which extends up to 100 feet in height. Creatures caught in the effects of this spell are treated as if they are falling, which, if in an enclosed building, will deal damage on impact with the ceiling.

When the spell ends, the creatures fall in the opposite direction, effectively jabbing them for a maximum damage of 10d6 both ways. If there is no ceiling, the creature simply floats on top of the cylinder until the spell ends.

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