Ronnie will not be charged with any crime after his last arrest on domestic violence charges. You could still be charged with a misdemeanor.

Star of The Jersey Shore Ronnie Ortiz-Magro will not be charged with any crime after his last arrest. The decision was made by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office following a lack of evidence in the incident. Although he will not be charged, Ronnie still has a probation problem.

Ronnie was arrested in late April in Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides. He was arrested for accounts of domestic violence. Despite the fact that many fans initially assumed that her ex and her baby, her mom, Jenn Harley, were involved in the altercation, her new boyfriend, Joe, claimed on social media that she was not. Police later confirmed that Ronnie’s girlfriend, Saffire Matos, was the one who called for help after the heated argument turned physical. Ronnie was released that day on a $ 100,000 bond.

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Despite the fact that police stated that Saffire had physical signs of abuse upon arrival, TMZ reported that Ronnie will not face felony charges. The decision was made for lack of “sufficient evidence“Obtained by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. If Ronnie ends up being charged, it will be a lesser charge. Because of this, Ronnie is still at risk of probation issues. At the time of his last arrest Ronnie was still on probation for his last domestic violence incident involving Jenn in 2019. He also risks losing the right to see his three-year-old daughter, Arianna Sky, who was present when he was arrested.

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Both Saffire and Ronnie posted individual statements on their respective social media days after the incident. Saffire claimed they were fine, while Ronnie thanked her true friends for their support. At the time, his attorney declined to release a statement due to lack of information. Now his attorney, Scott Leemon, said TMZ, “If this report is true, as we said from the beginning, initial reports and unreviewed charges are usually and; in Ronnie’s case, wrong. We are happy that the district attorney’s office made the decision not to press charges for a felony. We will await a decision from the county attorney’s office.“Ronnie has not spoken publicly since the latest news about his recent arrest.

The Jersey Shore fans are tired of Ronnie’s toxic behaviors. They are begging MTV to fire him from the franchise forever. MTV has not commented on Ronnie’s recent domestic violence incident, nor has his roommates. While Ronnie’s future with the show could be in jeopardy, Ronnie will be seen in the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacationas it was filmed before his arrest. Saffire is also supposed to make her debut. However, it is unknown if the two are still together.

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