It is safe to say that Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake was a great success. The game was received favorably by audiences and critics alike, and it sold enough copies to propel Capcom to continue to remake the classic. Demonic resident titles (with a new version of Resident Evil 3 available now, and a new version of Resident Evil 4 revealed to be in development).

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One of the hardest demographics to please when it comes to any remake, let alone one of a beloved survival horror classic, is fans of the original product, who come to the remake with a critical eye to see if this new title is or not a worthy successor. Although the remake improves on the original in a number of ways, there are a couple of elements that it just doesn’t beat.

10 Best: Boss Fights

The player battling a boss in the Resident Evil 2 remake

The boss fights in the original. Resident Evil 2 They were certainly memorable – watching Birkin transform into increasingly grotesque forms and then shoot him was impressive for the time. Unfortunately, classic RE the games had control schemes that lent themselves better to tense exploration and puzzle solving than to action-packed boss battles.

The remake’s new goal and move, broadly speaking, allows developers to get more creative with boss fights. In the original, the player tended to stand in one place and shoot a boss until he died. However, in the remake, Capcom was able to explore ideas such as pain points and environmental hazards.

9 Worst: soundtrack

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2The soundtrack has a number of iconic themes that really elevated the experience, especially tracks like the “save room” theme that was able to perfectly convey to the player that they were safe (for now). The original game’s soundtrack was instrumental in setting the mood, and it seems likely that without the great soundtrack, entering the RPD for the first time would not be as memorable.

While the remake’s score draws inspiration from the original game, Capcom seems to have chosen to take a more relaxed approach to the overall soundtrack. While the player may hear familiar notes, the soundtrack is generally not that noticeable and takes a backseat to things like ambient noises.

8 Better: scares

Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the game Resident Evil 2

Part of the reason gamers loved the original Demonic resident two So much was her sense of campy charm. Silly dialogue, wacky enemies (like giant crocs), and mindless puzzles imbued the game with a kind of horror B charm that was as cheesy as it was terrifying.

Or maybe it was a bit more cheesy than scary after all. The remake opts to remove many of the sillier elements from the original game, choosing instead to present the Racoon City outbreak as a much more grounded survival scenario. The result is an overall scarier game, where the stakes feel much more real.

7 Worst: Atmosphere

The player trapped in a vent in Resident Evil 2

While the change from fixed camera angles on the original to a third-person over-the-shoulder shot in the remake seems to have gone well with modern audiences, there are some unfortunate casualties from the change that give the original an edge over its successor. .

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Part of the reason the environments in the original game felt so imposing was because of the still cameras. The developers carefully decided how the player would view each room to inspire very specific feelings about the environment. The claustrophobic corridors of the police station feel that way in part because of the camera, and the environments themselves don’t feel as memorable in the remake.

6 Best: Mr. X


Encountering Mr. X in the original game was certainly shocking and terrifying, and when the game is first played, it may appear that he appears seemingly at random (going through walls to attack the player, and always seeming to turn the game around) . corner at the worst possible time).

However, when reproducing the original, it becomes clear that his appearances are generally written. Mr. X is only going to go through that specific wall in future games, which makes meeting him less tense. Compared to the original, the remake has Mr. X constantly chasing the player with his own set of rules, making it that much more intimidating.

5 Worst: reproducibility

Resident Evil 2 Claire Redfield Harley Davidson

The original Resident Evil 2 had an extremely innovative approach to the different characters and paths in the game. Leon and Claire regularly intersect in the story, and playing the other character’s route after finishing the first game would reveal the context behind those meetings.

The player could also make decisions that would affect the other character in a future game, such as which items to pick up and which to put down. This is much more robust compared to the remake, which only has Claire and Leon interacting a handful of times, which in turn decreases a player’s incentive to complete multiple matches.

4 Best: voice acting

Leon S Kennedy in his RPD uniform in Resident Evil 2

Weather Resident Evil 2The voice acting was a cut above the hilariously silly dialogue and the delivery of the first game, still does not live up to the voice talent available for modern titles. The developers had less to spend on acting in the past, and while the original game’s dialogue has a cheesy familiarity, it can’t really compare to the remake.

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The improved voice acting in the remake makes everything feel more serious overall and the characters more believable, helping the developers establish a greater sense of dread.

3 Worst: aesthetics

The pre-rendered backgrounds that made up the environments in the original. Resident Evil 2 They don’t look as realistic as their counterparts in the remake. After all, there is a gap of decades between these two games, and the processing power available to modern consoles allows them to render almost photorealistic environments for characters to walk through.

However, it is hard not to feel that there is a little lost in the translation. The environments of the original game exuded character, with earth tones in some contrasting with the rough concrete in others. It seems like a side effect of making the environments feel more realistic in the remake is that they feel more generic as well.

two Better: combat

Resident Evil 2 Remake Shotgun

Engaging a zombie in the original game was interesting in large part because it forced the player to think about the most efficient way to stay alive, while conserving as many resources as possible. While certain weapons like the shotgun were fun to use, the game lacked the sophisticated hit log and 3D animation available on today’s platforms.

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The remake gives players more options when facing an enemy than simply shooting them down: shooting a zombie in the leg can cause a chill, a headshot can momentarily stun them, and defensive elements can be used to escape. of the grabs, which makes the game the combat encounters feel more sophisticated and involved.

1 Worst: Limited saves

Claire and Leon in Resident Evil 2

Part of the reason the original Resident Evil 2, and all classic RE titles, I was so tense because the player had to expend resources to save his game. This forced the player to be strategic about how much progress they thought they could make before needing to save, which was especially interesting because it wasn’t always clear which threats were lurking.

The remake offers the option to play with limited saves, but only in hardcore mode. This is ideal for RE Veterans looking for a challenge, but it’s a shame that players who chose to play the game on lower difficulties will miss out on such an important part of what made the classic games unique.

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