Star Wars: The Bad Batch centers on a squad of elite clones. A video game adaptation would be a great way to highlight your skills.

Since its debut in Star Wars, Clone WarsClone Force 99, also known as Bad Batch, has shown the brotherhood between the Clones through a never-before-seen personal perspective. One of the best ways to find out how this camaraderie was born would be through a new game focused on the elite team. While the new series, Star Wars: The Bad Lot, explores the squad’s lives after Order 66, their time during the Clone Wars offers many adventures that also deserve to be covered. An adaptation of the game would be the perfect outlet for that narrative.

The story would be a major focus for the title and would cover clones Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair as they train together and are sent on their first mission. Because the members of Bad Batch were born with differences that separated them from others, the scenes of their atypical training would help solidify that they have to support each other in order to survive.

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Like in Star Wars: Republic Commando, the missions would have the Bad Batch entering some of the most dangerous places like Geonosis, Felucia, and Mustafar. New planets would also make appearances that would serve to send the squad to places where no ordinary Clone could survive. Through their eyes, players would see these classic Clone Wars planets from a perspective that normal Clones would never access, as the squad is hiding behind enemy lines and narrowly escaping alive.

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Star Wars Bad Batch Clone Force 99

What Gears of war, the brotherhood between Bad Batch would be in sight, allowing each member to interact with each other. Players would order the squad to run formations to flank the droid battalions, with multiplayer playing a role as well. Through cooperative mode, players and their friends would have the opportunity to create their own strategies and specialize in their favorite Bad Batch members and playstyles within Clone Force 99.

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Since these clones have genetic changes that grant them unique abilities, a third-person shooter perspective would be a great way to showcase those talents. For example, Wrecker has immense strength that is often needed in the heat of battle. Offering him dedicated inputs to use his strength, whether it’s hitting the ground or grabbing and throwing droids, would be a fun way to mix up the game. Hunter’s agility and senses would help with tracking and speed, while Crosshair and Tech would focus on trick shots and droid hijacking.

TO Star Wars: The Bad Lot The game has the potential to deliver both narrative impact and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, thanks to its layered characters, action-packed settings, and familiar yet varied gameplay. Furthermore, the title would capitalize on both the launch of the animated series and the current desire for cooperative multiplayer. If a Bad Batch game is going to happen, now is the perfect time.

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