On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, viewers saw new and old characters and observed their personalities and character development until the conclusion of the show. Whether the characters were heroes or villains, there is no denying that possessing intelligence is critical for anyone to achieve a specific goal or mission.

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Considering that the series has ties to Captain America trilogy, where espionage and surveillance are his forte, several characters are naturally intelligent. While many characters exhibited their intelligence to the greatest extent possible, some characters did not display this ability as strongly as others.

eleven John walker

Wyatt Russell as John Walker in Falcon and Winter Soldier

John Walker made several bad decisions during his brief stint as Captain America. He was quite slow to find the Flag Smashers and rarely had any justified planning to stop them.

While he did his best to reach Captain America’s levels, John’s short temper affected his ability to think and react rationally to situations. Instead, he responded to things with hostility, even at one point without hesitating to kill Sam Wilson. Unfortunately, his flaws put him at the bottom of the list because he is too impulsive and hostile to make logical decisions.

10 Lemar Hoskins

Because Lemar Hoskin was wiser than John, he was more rational about the decisions and planning that went into finding and stopping the Flag Smashers.

As John’s best friend and companion, Lemar was his voice of reason when on missions. For example, she sided with Sam in his plan to talk to Karli rather than John’s blunt approach to arrest her. He didn’t find brute force the best option for handling situations and tries to cut down on an intense moment every time John becomes overly impulsive. In general, fans didn’t have a lot of time to really get to know Lemar on the show.

9 Joaquin Torres

Danny Ramirez Joaquin Torres Winter Soldier Falcon

Although Joaquín Torres only made a few appearances, he was a fundamental character in the discovery of Flag Smashers. Although he made a few mistakes, like failing to call in reinforcements during the Flag Smashers bank robbery, his ability to track things is exceptional. He marked the final destination of the Flag Smashers by observing their movements and finding anomalies.

The series also hinted at Joaquin’s mechanical talent, especially when he tried to help Sam fix Redwing. While viewers wanted to see more than he could do, Joaquín appears to have a promising future and could show more of his intelligence in later projects.

8 Karli Morgenthau

As the main antagonist of the series, Karli Morgenthau led a group of Flag Smashers with the mission of a united world without borders, since several countries wanted to recover the borders and planned to displace the survivors of the Snap. Karli was a formidable leader, he realized how much was at stake and knew that having the powers of super soldiers gave them an advantage to succeed in their cause.

At first, she made several smart and strategic moves, fooling Sam and Bucky with her traps and having plenty of hiding places to avoid being caught. Despite her intelligence, her ambitions and emotions soon took over. He decided to take extreme measures, even resorting to killing people without hesitation. Therefore, her rational judgment declined and she became a ruin for her and the organization.

7 Bucky barnes


His history as a former HYDRA agent gives Bucky a certain amount of knowledge. As Bucky tries to put his past as a Winter Soldier behind him, he still exhibits exceptional abilities like great intelligence. He did some intellectual works, such as acting as an endorsement of Sam Wilson in episode 2.

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Considering that the Flag Smashers were a threat and had limited knowledge about them, Bucky was the one who suggested potential contacts to find some clues to their whereabouts, which ultimately led to Zemo. Like any spy, it knows how to track people. He found Zemo at the Sokovian memorial and decided to work smarter than hard to find the Flag Smashers in the finale, thanks to the app on his phone that led him straight to them. All that said, Bucky is seen to be impulsive and stubborn at times, and since he is a man out of time, he is still adjusting to some parts of the present.

6 Sam wilson

Sam Wilson practicing with the shield in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Because he was in the military and always flies with his EXO-7 Falcon, he has competent strategic and tactical intelligence, allowing him to make quick decisions on missions and execute and coordinate plans with his teammates. Sam also thinks more rationally about going after anyone with the least amount of force. In addition, Sam shows some talent in mechanics by fixing his suit and his family’s boat.

Sam is a natural leader who knows when to make the right moves and show compassion, but his heart sometimes makes him overly hopeful and it crosses his mind. That said, emotional intelligence is an important factor to consider, and Sam has it in abundance.

5 Isaiah Bradley

Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Isaiah Bradley

It’s hard to place Isaiah Bradley because he had a limited on-screen appearance. Yet viewers know the heartbreaking story of Isaiah as a battered and experienced super soldier who points out double standards and America’s racist history.

It is reasonable that Isaiah is pessimistic and has little faith in the people and the country. In many ways, he is more aware of the truths of both the MCU and the real world than many of the other characters out there, making his intelligence incredibly high, despite his still minimal screen time.

4 Sarah wilson

Sam and Sarah talk in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Although Sarah Wilson had a limited presence and displays no special abilities or skills, she is an intelligent civilian. As a widow, Sarah always considered what was best for her family financially, even if it meant giving up their family ship, while her brother was more stubborn about not giving up on him.

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Additionally, the series hinted at his mechanical prowess while helping to fix the ship. Although she knows little about her brother’s mission, she knows where he stands on issues and values. She also seems aware of the truths of the world in a way that many heroes are not, and it is her that Sam reaches out to with the important decisions he has to make throughout the show. Sarah’s character is one that many viewers can relate to.

3 Sharon carter

It makes sense why Sharon Carter is one of the smartest characters in the series. She built a career as a SHIELD and CIA agent, and tricked Rogers into thinking she was his next door neighbor, a nurse. Of course, her manipulative skills as an agent paid off in helping her develop her personality as a Power Broker after becoming an enemy of the state and selling items from her art gallery to survive.

As a Power Broker, he covered loose ends by killing Karli and Batroc to prevent his identity from being revealed. Now he is using his newfound freedom and reinstated job to harness government information and weaponry vital to his business.

two Go

While Ayo wasn’t one of the main characters, she had enough of a presence to be a major player. With Zemo’s escape from prison, Ayo shows her intelligence by discovering that Bucky helped him escape and easily track them down in Latvia.

He is also tactically intelligent and knows how to fight all kinds of enemies. Although he fought a superserumed Bucky, he disarmed his vibranium arm with a simple safety mechanism. Explain why it is Dora Milaje’s number two. Despite her longer combat record, Ayo also helped fix Bucky from his brainwashing by HYDRA. Ayo has been well trained and well taught and her presence is fully authorized.

1 Baron Zemo

Zemo and Dora Milaje in Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5

It’s no wonder Baron Zemo is the smartest character in the series. He is the same person who disbanded the Avengers by causing them to destroy themselves. His experience in super-soldiers made him a valuable asset in locating the Flag Smashers. Furthermore, he proved his argument that super soldiers are too consumed by their superiority. Explain why he was so interested in running them.

Although he does not have immense powers like most supervillains, his intelligence is his distinguishable power and allows him to be very competent as a strategist. He’s always two steps ahead of everyone else, allowing him to break free from the handcuffs or escape the room unscathed while Sam, Bucky, John, and Lemar fought Dora Milaje. Knowing Sam and Bucky too well that they wouldn’t consider killing Karli or the Flag Smashers, Zemo managed to plot the assassination of the remaining Flag Smashers with Oeznik bombing their vehicle.

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