Anger, pride, laziness, lust; These deadly sins have many representatives in all the media. They are often used as the basis for many villainous characters in anime. Some sins are better represented than others, and several series have multiple examples.

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There are many complex characters that also have these attributes as a base. A person could place many characters under these labels, but who of these characters best represents these sins?

10 Lussuria (REBORN): His name is literally lust

Reborn's Lussuria

The Killer Varia de Hitman Reborn Catechism! it is a strong representative of lust. Lussuria is extremely flirtatious and overtly sexual in his words and demeanor. He is very affectionate, his subordinates call him “Big Sister Lussuria”, and he even has a cheerful personality. All of this holds up even as he fights, hardly ever breaking his usual smile. Many things remain a mystery about Lussuria, including his eyes, but some things are hinted at, if not confirmed by other members of the assassination team.

Lussuria claims and denies being an okama, and will flirt with anyone. As each member of Varia represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lussuria stands out in two ways. For starters, Lussuria in Italian means “lust”, which is already in the nose. If that wasn’t enough, Lussuria’s libido doesn’t stop once someone stops breathing. A really scary man under those sunglasses and a cheeky grin

9 Shunsui Kyōraku (Bleach): Sloth at its finest

Shushui Kyoraku from Bleach

The captain who would rather drink and lie down than fight is a great representation of laziness. Even just seeing a single scene with him will have viewers wondering how he got to his position in the first place. Relaxed, often taking naps and even talking casually with colleagues and fight-seekers, Shunsui embodies a lazy demeanor similar to Shikamaru from the Naruto Serie.

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Surprisingly, Arrancar Coyote Starrk, a rival in Laziness, and Shunsui, fought each other even though they were both the type to end things peacefully. Shunsui even went so far as to ask Starrk if they could pretend to fight in his stead, being the peace-loving man that he is. This captain has generally been seen drinking sake and eating steamed buns instead of participating in the normal duties that he would be required to do as a captain. A real sloth from start to finish.

8 Jakotsu (Inuyasha): Ruthless envy in combat

Inuyasha's Jakotsu

The third-in-command of the Shichinintai, Jakotsu could be thought of as a representation of lust or greed, as he flirts with Koga and Sesshomaru and wanted to take Inuyasha’s ears for himself. That would be, of course, if it weren’t for his tactics to get what he wants. It is not about desire alone, rather, Jakotsu wants to make those who have more than him suffer.

His disdain for Inuyasha in particular was shown when he repeatedly cut him off in an attempt to make the demon beg. He takes great pleasure in killing men slowly, especially those he is attracted to, and will cut them to pieces or end up beheading them. During his fight with Sesshomaru, he aimed to use Rin as a hostage, showing his ruthless nature. An amalgam of envy, lust and anger in a dangerous package.

7 Xanxus (REBORN): Cruel Punishment

Xanxus from Reborn

The leader of Varia is a powerful and ruthless assassin. Neither friend nor foe want to upset this double-wielding villain just because of the rumors that spread about his treatment of others. He apparently has no emotion until much later in the series, and even when he does, it is mild appreciation from his subordinates. Xanxus regularly punishes those below him, even for the slightest of mistakes, by hitting them.

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He sees people as tools; staggered to get where you need to be, regardless of whether they sink or follow you. He hates everything and almost everyone, and only truly respects the family that the Varia belong to. In true anger fashion, Xanxus is probably at his worst if disturbed while sleeping or eating, like a wild dog.

6 Baraggan Louisenbairn (Bleach): a literal king with attitude

Baraggan Louisenbairn from Bleach

The arrogant king of Hueco Mundo is a proud old man with the entire Arrancar army at his disposal. He is very fit for his age, despite his initial appearance, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. Strength and skills aside, Baraggan is a leader who certainly acts with as much right as that position would suggest.

He takes the baseline for most fighting and makes his army do things for him. He is a strategic man, but he would rather have his pawns sent to him than to move his own piece. Everything is below this king, but no one is below his enemies. He calls them his ants and refuses to believe that he could ever die by their hands. Baraggan doesn’t even carry his own Zanpakuto, causing his Fraction to carry him instead.

5 Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul): a ghoul with an appetite

Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul

Even if you asked Rize to cut down on her consumption, she wouldn’t dare listen. Rize is an attractive and boring woman who will attract many humans for the harvest. She doesn’t mind leaving enough for the other ghouls and will instead eat whatever she pleases.

This utter disregard for anyone else’s well-being to satisfy their cravings is the reason why she is the perfect representation of gluttony. Aimless, irresponsible and selfish, he only cared about one thing. This behavior changes in the series, but only after being captured and starved to the point of breaking down. Rize’s final story is tragic and is explored in side stories for the manga, but initially, it was nothing more than a void ready to purge humans and satiate their appetites.

4 Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist): Wants the world

Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist

Homunculi in FMA They’re pretty true to form, but they defy what fans would expect from an incarnation of sin. Greed in FMA It is one of those homunculi that is especially different from the rest of the Father’s sins. When Ed meets Greed for the first time, he is arrogant and demanding.

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It knows what it wants, but it also has its own rules. He won’t harm women or children, but he still wants everything the world has to offer. Materialism may seem like an obvious trait of greed, but the homunculus wants more than just money. Fame, status, experience and everything else, Greed wants more for his life than Father promises. So much so that it openly defies its creator.

3 Yammy Llargo (Bleach): Fighting is life

Transformed Yammy Llargo From Bleach

Number 10, or 0, of the Arrancar, Yammy is an absolute monster who only cares about crushing his opponents. He spends all his time eating or resting until he can meet more opponents again.

He often gets completely bored when he’s not in combat, but he only really gets excited when he’s up against someone. He doesn’t care about anyone or his position other than Ulquiorra and attacks people for no reason. Wrath comes in all shapes and sizes, and for Yammy, that size is big and bloodthirsty.

two Shikamaru Nara (Naruto): It’s a drag

Shikamaru Nara from Naruto

Possibly the best representation of laziness in any medium, Shikamaru wants nothing more than to have a “hassle-free” life. Where other ninjas train and fight, Shikamaru sleeps. Where other ninjas strive to follow in their family’s footsteps or have high ambitions, Shikamaru only wishes to live comfortably with next to nothing in his life.

He will do his best to get out of any situation that requires his attention and is almost a pacifist in his ideology. However, his ideals change, but only so that he can live life doing his best so that his children can live as they want.

1 Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist): “Can I eat them?”

Gluttony transformed from FMA

Childish and strangely polite, Gluttony displays characteristics unique to the other homunculi in that he doesn’t really hate humans. More so, he likes them because they are tasty and he doesn’t fully understand that once something is eaten, it is lost forever.

In the anime, this is best shown when Dante changes Glutton permanently; unleashing a pure and mindless version of the homunculus that would even attack his brothers trying to eat them. In both adaptations of Fullmetal, Gluttony displays other characteristics, but Gluttony’s no-nonsense version is arguably the scariest and most accurate representation of the extreme side of gluttony.

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