The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gave the MCU yet another hit. Weather WandaVision Phase 4 may have started, TFATWS He did the heavy lifting, showing fans more of the post-Blip world and giving them a new Captain America. The show may not have been perfect, but it did a lot for all the characters, including Zemo.

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While he had his strong suits on Captain America: Civil War, TFATWS made Zemo a much better character than before. The growth of Zemo’s character went a long way toward making him a fan favorite and one of the best characters on the show.

10 Dancing Zemo is life

Dancing Zemo happened and everyone is better for it. Dancing Zemo softened the man for the audience and that was important. Zemo was quite a sad character in CA: CW and seeing him dance to perfection made him part of the main cast. It was a very important step in its development. Also, it was an incredible scene.

9 Zemo’s union with the heroes gave him more prominence

Zemo with Sam and Bucky in Madripoor in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

When it was announced that Zemo was going to be in TFATWS, no one knew what to expect. The MCU has its share of flaws, especially stemming from the way it treats villains. Uniting Zemo with the heroes and making him an integral part of their mission was perfect. This gave Zemo the spotlight he needed for his character to develop and highlight his abilities. Without this, he would have been another mediocre MCU villain.

8 Zemo’s new costume says something about him

Zemo in mask

Costumes are extremely important to superheroes and supervillains. Zemo finally getting one is an important step in his development as a character. While it was reminiscent of her comedic costume, it was also subtly different, which is a great touch.

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The MCU is known for accurate comic costumes and for giving Zemo a costume that is close to the one from the comics, but still different says a lot about him as a character. Zemo is not the same type of character that appears in the comics and the costume says so. It is different enough.

7 Baron Zemo is now Canon for the MCU

Beyond being a vile terrorist in the comics, Helmut Zemo is also a true baron. When introduced in CA: CW, fans got the impression that he was just a Sokovian special forces soldier and nothing more. TFATWS revealed that he was more than that: he was a Sokovian baron and still had his family’s fortune.

This is quite an important development for Zemo. Making him a baron gives him access to resources he might not otherwise have had and has not only made him more important to history, but prepared him for the future.

6 Zemo expanded its mission

zemo with super soldier serum hawk winter soldier

On CA: CW, Zemo wanted revenge on the Avengers for their role in destroying Sokovia. His time in prison changed him and expanded his mission: instead of just hating the Avengers, he wanted to destroy all super soldiers. To Zemo, they were monsters: for every Captain America, there were a lot who did not deserve their power.

The show pretty much proved Zemo right: Karli and the Flag-Smashers got more and more extreme and John Walker killed a man in cold blood after taking the serum. Zemo’s desire to take down the super soldiers broadened his personal mission and the show proved he was not entirely wrong about it.

5 Zemo has gone further than ever to achieve its goals

Teaming up with Sam and Bucky did more for Zemo than just give him a spotlight – it showed how far he would go to achieve his goals. Both Sam and Bucky are men who don’t like Zemo and Zemo doesn’t have to like him. In fact, teaming up with them was dangerous for him; Unless he could escape, his best scenario was going to jail and the worst was Bucky killing him.

Zemo put all of that aside so he could rid the world of a few more super soldiers and the means to manufacture them. He was willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve his goals, which told fans a lot about him.

4 The many facets of Zemo’s personality

Zemo in the cut out plane

One of Zemo’s most surprising moments in TFATWS It was then that he revealed that he knew exactly which Al Green album Sam was telling Bucky to listen to and what it stood for. This said a lot about Zemo as a man.

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This was just the beginning, as the show also showcased his sense of humor and how charming he could be. Zemo wasn’t a monster that wanted power or anything like that, he was just a man with his own mission.

3 TFATWS showed how smart Zemo really is

Zemo in Dr. Nagel's lab

While Zemo made a plan for the heroes to enter CA: CW, It wasn’t really a smart plan, it was mostly based on the heroes being foolish enough to fall in love with everything and trust that he wasn’t lying about his accusations. Zemo seemed smart, but his plan was actually not very good.

TFATWS made Zemo a smarter character, one who used everything he had to his advantage and was always one step ahead. Even his capture seemed like a calculated move, as he was right where anyone would have expected him to be.

two Zemo is a man of honor

Everyone expected Zemo to betray Sam and Bucky, especially after he paid the girl to give him information and told her not to trust them because they were bad. However, he never did. Sure, she escaped when Dora Milaje was busy with everyone else, but she never really betrayed heroes, only her skin was saved. By not giving in to this cliché, Zemo was an honorable man. This is a trait that would not normally be associated with a villainous character. By doing the unexpected, they made him a stronger character.

1 Zemo is ready for something more

Even though the show ends with Zemo on the Raft, there is a feeling that this is not the last time fans will see it. TFATWS made him a better character and has prepared him for something else. Zemo ended the series in a much stronger position than he started with and the next time he appears, he will likely be a big deal, one worthy of the great character he has become.

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