A main antagonist of Superman and Lois from the CW once had an unexpected dark connection with one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe.

The villains that plague Superman’s life are usually quite resourceful. Whether infused with great power or extraordinary intelligence, the enemies of the Man of Steel must have something special in order to face one of the world’s greatest heroes. Morgan Edge, a recurring antagonist on the CW Superman and Lois TV series, he had a particularly threatening connection to Darkseid.

Morgan Edge first appeared in 1970 Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen # 133, by Jack Kirby and Al Plastino, as director of the Galaxy Broadcasting System. The media mogul had just bought the Daily Planet when Edge sent Jimmy Olsen and his Newsboy Legion to the Wild Area. This strange area on the outskirts of Metropolis was home to the Outsiders, a motorcycle gang related to the mysterious beings called Hairies.

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Clark Kent argued with Edge about sending Jimmy and his friends to the dangerous Wild Zone, but to no avail. Later, Edge secretly revealed that he was the head of Intergang, and sent a hitman to kill Clark. Edge had also planted a bomb on the Newsboy Legion’s vehicle, the Whiz Wagon, with the intention of blowing up Judgment Mountain, home of the Hairies. Fortunately, Superman arrived and helped contain the bomb blast. When Edge learned that his plan had failed, he informed his master, Darkseid.

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Although disappointed in his failure, Edge would continue in his attempts to kill Jimmy, the Newsboy Legion, and all other enemies of his dark master. A dimensional trap was sent to the center of Metropolis, with the intention of trapping Jimmy and covering up Edge’s previous and failed plan. When that failed, Edge sent Bruno Manheim and the rest of Intergang to kill Jimmy, but the young photographer was saved by The Guardian.

Morgan Edge’s next plan failed spectacularly when he sent Jimmy and the Newsboy Legion to Scotland. There, the youngsters were nearly killed by Intergang, before Loch Trevor Monster, a version of the Loch Ness Monster, intervened. Incidentally, this very journey resulted in Jimmy and the Newsboy Legion discovering Darkseid’s Evil Factory and destroying it. It seemed like every time Edge tried to take out Darkseid’s enemies, it only made things worse for his master.

On Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane # 118, by Robert Kanigher and Werner Roth, this version of Morgan Edge was revealed to be a clone created by Darkseid. For Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen # 152, by E. Nelson Bridwell and Mike Sekowsky, the original Morgan Edge returned to his company, free of Darkseid’s influence. After the crisis, it was revealed that the original Morgan Edge worked for Darkseid, rather than a clone. However, in 1989 Superman # 35, by Jerry Ordway and Curt Swan, Edge found out that he was actually working for DeSaad, Darkseid’s main torturer and weapons master.

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The current Superman and Lois The television series places Morgan Edge in a role similar to that of his comic book counterpart. For one thing, Edge bought the Daily Planet, just like he did in the comics. This time, however, Clark Kent was fired from his job and Lois Lane eventually left the Daily Planet. Additionally, Edge has become involved in Smallville, attempting to expand his business to Clark Kent’s hometown. Morgan’s business in Smallville is quite different from the one in the comics, where he was primarily focused on Metropolis. This version of Morgan Edge is also involved in some nasty deals that could include Intergang.

For example, the metahuman known as Subjekt-11 was sent to spy on Lois. When this metahuman failed, Edge ordered him to be killed by his super-powerful assistant, Leslie Larr. In a flashback, Edge was seen approaching a group of strange meteorites that fell from the sky, noticing that the “resurrection” was underway.

It’s unclear exactly what Edge was referring to, but it seems like he’s working for a higher power, just like the Edge comic worked for Darkseid. With Edge’s discovery of X-Kryptonite, which gives ordinary people uncontrollable powers, his plans for the future are not looking good. It would be a huge reveal if Edge was working for Darkseid, like in the comics. Regardless of his plans, Morgan Edge will always be connected to his past dealings with the lord of Apokolips, at least to some degree.

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