We have played the demo for Resident Evil Village, watched the trailers and dreamed of being chased by Our Dear High Vampire Lady. Now all that’s left to do is read the reviews already posted to try and get a full picture of what’s the next installment of the Demonic resident The franchise brings in both long-term fans and new ones.

Although these reviews are spoiler-free, those who want to go completely blind should know that the game has a positive score of more than 80 out of 100 on Metacritical, for all platforms available in the game. The most flattering reviews point to how the game shines when it leans toward horror while bringing back the action sections many fans missed in the latest installment. Comparing both titles, Gamespot write that “Resident Evil 7 It was an excellent return to the franchise’s horror foundations, but cleverly altered with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective. Similary, Town is a clever reintroduction of the best action items from Demonic resident. ”

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In the same line Vgames the critic says that “Resident Evil Village is a love letter to fans old and new to the series, while also bringing together the puzzle flair of old games with the series’ newer action skins. ” Pc gamer goes further to point out how Resident Evil Village is “a sadly beautiful collection of murderous horror scenes, featuring some of the most memorably grotesque foes in Resi’s history.”

However, not everything works perfectly in the new game, and even very positive reviews, such as that of Reliable reviews, states that the action can damage the atmosphere of terror, as it is difficult to make the player feel helpless but powerful at the same time. In the Trusted Reviews reviewer, the outlet points out the only downside of Resident Evil Village “It’s that his increased focus on combat can make it feel too easy, even when playing on the normal difficulty level. If you are looking to experience the true horrors on offer here, I suggest you increase the difficulty. ”

Rock, paper, shotgun is less forgiving of his review, underlining how the game’s change of pace makes it easier to realize that some sections are better than others. In your review, we can read that “Resident Evil Village he felt he wanted to provide something for everyone, but to his own detriment. Those first few parts that serve horror fans the most were so, so good, and it was a shame that I lost sight of what made things attractive as I progressed towards the end. ”This disappointment is also shared by GamesRadar, which says that “a good start and a good ending make this average a decent but not surprising delivery.”

Demonic resident It was always a strange franchise, filled with both memorable and ridiculous moments. Yes Town It is somewhat inconsistent, it seems that the cause is that the franchise has already traveled so many different paths, it is difficult to put everything together in a satisfactory way. Even so, most reviews claim that the game is fun to play in addition to its flaws, and that the positives outweigh the negatives. What The Guardian notes in your review, Demonic resident It was always a cheesy franchise, and its flaws are part of its charm, as “none of that really matters when you’re being chased down some stairs by a gigantic slimy creature that laughs like a baby.”

Resident Evil: Town arrives on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Stadia, and PC on May 7. Look for our own video game publisher’s review as soon as you stop screaming!

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May the 4 be with you.

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