With Captain Marvel 2 officially titled The Marvels, the MCU is breaking its long-running title formula for how it names its sequels.

With Captain Marvel 2 officially being called The wonders, the MCU is breaking its long-running title formula. One of the central figures of the MCU going forward will be Carol Danvers, after Brie Larson brought the iconic Marvel heroine to life in 2019. Not only did she. Captain Marvel becomes the MCU’s first female-led superhero movie, but its sequel will also turn things around in the interconnected universe.

Later WandaVision presented the adult version of Monica Rambeau, and with Mrs. Marvel soon bringing Kamala Khan to the MCU, Teyonah Parris and Iman Vellani will headline the second Captain Marvel delivered alongside Larson. Which is why Marvel Studios is doing something with the sequel that other MCU franchises have never done. Instead of naming it Captain Marvel 2 or by adding a subtitle to the second film, Marvel Studios revealed that the film would be officially titled The wonders. While a new Marvel comic series of the same name began in early 2021, the sequel will have nothing to do with that book. The wonders it symbolizes that Carol, Monica and Kamala have the same billing.

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However significant it may be, the MCU has never done this before, where a sequel to an established franchise removes the title character’s name. The only significant title change the MCU has made is adding “Volume” for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise starting with the second movie, while Ant Man collaborated with The Wasp on its sequel. While it’s new to Marvel Studios, Captain Marvel 2 changing to The wonders it’s the proper thing for the MCU to do. Kamala and Monica are huge characters in their own right, while also being key players in Carol’s mythology. Instead of being minor characters in Carol’s story, The wonders Instead, it allows all three heroines to be front and center, adding a refreshing new layer to the MCU. It also shows how vastly different Phase 4 is from all previous Phases.

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Marvels Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau Ms. Marvel

Phase 4 is the first time the MCU has continued stories and establishes new franchises on both the big and small screens. While Marvel Studios had Marvel TV between Phase 2-3 with shows like Agents of protectionAs well as his shows on Hulu and Netflix, the links were one-sided and limited. Phase 4, however, marks the first time Disney + has released Marvel shows, particularly for new characters like Ms. Marvel, before they move on to the movies.

Whether this means or not The wonders the follow-up will be called something else or if it will return to Captain Marvel 3, if it’s just Carol, remains to be seen. But given the great setup they made for Monica in WandaVision, weather Mrs. Marvel is telling the story of the origin of Kamala, it would not be a surprise if this franchise dealt with these three in the future. Seeing the MCU mix it up this way shows that it is still evolving as a shared universe, which has been around for over a decade. More than 20 movies later, it is encouraging to see Marvel Studios trying new things, which it is now doing with The wonders instead of Captain Marvel 2.

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