Naruto has countless techniques, but which Jutsu would be the most useful in real life?

When we watch anime or read manga, whether intentionally or not, we project ourselves onto the characters. We want to imagine ourselves conjuring a Kamehameha or using Jutsu in our daily life. Naruto is no exception to this fantastic escape. With a dense cast of adorably dangerous shinobi spread across many arcs, the series is packed with some of the most exaggerated moments in anime, especially when a powerful new Jutsu is introduced.

However, although some jutsu have explosive power, what would be the most practical in real life? These are not necessarily the most powerful jutsu, but rather the ones that would have the most useful applications in our society.

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Shadow clone

Shadow clones are a practical technique of jutsu with a lot of applications. Even in Naruto, Shadow Clones are used in many interesting ways. In real life, there are tons of uses for being in multiple places at once, especially if the situation doesn’t involve someone actively trying to hit or attack your Shadow Clones.

A shadow clone can go out and run the errands you need to run yourself. He can perform two or three separate tasks at once, even without conjuring Naruto’s often excessive number of Shadow Clones summons. If something takes multiple hands to complete, you can rely on your various selves to help. For example, raking the leaves could be over in minutes, and that’s just yard work.

Barrier techniques

The barrier technique is a simple concept: it protects you from oncoming projectiles and attacks. Almost everyone on the planet needs additional levels of protection. While there are fewer instances where you will need to unleash a Chidori on a target, there are certainly thousands of times a person might need an additional level of defense. Whether it’s against vehicles, weapons, or someone you don’t feel like running into, there are countless cases where a barrier can be used.

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Creation rebirth

Tsunade, Naruto

Some of the most practical Jutsu in a real world context are Healing Jutsu. Creation Rebirth is Tsunade’s special technique designed to heal damaged tissue. While it shortens the lifespan of the healed, it enables them to recover from virtually any injury, no matter how severe. As a result, it is one of the most practical jutsu out there. The applications in hospitals and lives that could be saved in the process make this, and any Healing Jutsu, practical and life-changing inclusions.

Removal of delicate diseases

2 sakura using medical ninjutsu

Similarly, the extraction of delicate diseases is another healing technique that can allow a shinobi to heal another person by extracting infections from their flesh. While this is an incredibly painful process, it does result in the target being cured of whatever viruses infect it. While understanding disease is an important part of stopping the spread, managing cures, and more, this Jutsu would save lives. The extraction of delicate diseases would be especially useful in cases of diseases that currently have no treatment and could have worked wonders to eradicate deadly pests from this world by preventing their spread.

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The Flying God of Thunder

The Flying God of Thunder

Fast travel is one of the most valued elements of our modern society. However, what about instant travel? The legendary Flying Thunder God Jutsu allows a person to mark another person or object, then teleport to their location regardless of distance. It is like a summoning jutsu, only controlled by the summoned entity.

This essentially means that one can travel across vast expanses of land at astonishing speeds. The applications for this are incredible. One can imagine a mass transportation system where people can be transported around the world in the blink of an eye. Commuters hoping to speed through traffic could use this to get to work the moment they get out of bed and shower. It could revolutionize the world.

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