On Persona 5 Strikers, The Phantom Thieves have returned to deal with a devastating Change of Hearts epidemic. Through the use of a mysterious new app that enables Metaverse navigation, prisons are springing up with rulers who are stealing the wishes of citizens. Framed by the epidemic by an overzealous police force, the Phantom Thieves must change the hearts of the Castle’s rulers and restore the wishes of all those affected.

Having conquered Shibuya Jail and changed Mad Rabbit Alice’s heart, the Phantom Thieves set their next target: Sendai. Here they discover that an author, Ango Natsume, is the ruler of Sendai Prison. Natsume has used his influence to become a best-selling author, but in reality, he masks a deep-seated inferiority complex and rampant plagiarism. With their increasingly rabid fans, the Phantom Thieves infiltrate Sendai Jail to change their hearts and put an end to their plan.

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First infiltration

At Sendai Jail, you’ll want to make sure you bring a team that has access to ice, blessing, and curse abilities, as well as physics, weapons, and nukes to take advantage of technical strikes. The team will notice that there is a large tower in the distance and will head towards it assuming it is Natsume’s Castle. On the way to the Castle, there will be the usual cast of minions. Once you’ve cleared them all, you’ll come across Doma, a mid-boss variant of the Jack-o-lantern enemy that guards the castle gate. Morgana’s Wind Magic is an excellent counterattack for Dressage, and combining them with the following attacks will melt Dressage’s bar in no time.

Instead of being defeated, Doma flees and the thieves are teleported, with her ability to break out of jail from a removed checkpoint. The thieves are in front of the tower but have no way to go. With too strong security at the front, the thieves must sneak through the back, where they will discover the Gate of Trials. It requires three victory tests to open. After discovering this, get out there and follow the exclamation point on the map. This will lead to the first test, which is behind a door that requires “an offering of sun and rain.” A novel of Natsume’s novel mentions two orbs, so you go in search of the orbs of sun and rain.

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The first core

To find The Sun Orb, go back to the main path and you will find a raised drawbridge to the east side. To get around it, you will need to go to the north side of the map and jump through the columns to reach the rooftops. Now the Phantom Thieves can go down to get to the park. Here, there will be a river with stones that can be used to jump to the other side. However, be sure to follow the rocks side path to find a chest.

Across the river, climb the steps to pull a lever that will activate the drawbridge. There you will find a suspicious looking temple that contains the Sun Orb inside. Taking it will set off an ambush of shadows, but you should be able to do quick work with them (especially if you drop the hanging chandelier on them for extra damage). After collecting the Sun Orb, you can lower the drawbridge to make it easier to navigate the area. Moving west, Doma will return for a second battle. Doma will flee again, but the exits from your checkpoint will reactivate.

With Dressage defeated, head straight to the West Garden. In West Garden, investigate the main door to the sanctuary, which is locked. Then go up to the third floor of the apartment building in front of the temple to reach a checkpoint and a mini-boss encounter with Prankster Leader, a variant of High Pixie. Continue to follow the rooftops, being careful to avoid the searchlights and burst into the Temple of Rain from above.

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Like the Sun Orb, taking the Ominous Rain Orb will set off an ambush. Clear the shadows and you can exit through the main door of the Temple of Rain, then take both orbs to unlock the door and access Prison Keep, which triggers a battle with another mid-boss, Ante, a variant of the enemy Lamia. Use ice attacks to stun her and use nearby ice crystals. Be prepared to jump on your Maragion, which will launch a ring of fire on impact. You can use the gargoyle statues to dodge Ante’s attacks and then counter with a lunge. Once Ante is defeated, climb the stairs of the keep to obtain the first test, a copy of Natsume’s novel, Prince of Nightmares, which is also a Core.

The second core

From the Fort, return to the Land of Rain and continue to Aoba St 1st Ward. Upon entering the first district, the thieves are faced with a hallway with a door that mysteriously opens by itself. At the end of the corridor there is a mysterious light, which is a Red Orb. Use Joker’s third eye to see the hidden spotlight traps and sneak into the Red Orb, shooting any spotlight to avoid being attacked. You’ll be ambushed once you pick up the Red Orb, but it’s nothing you haven’t faced yet. The Red Orb will open a new door in the hallway, opening a path to the Blue and Yellow doors.

Explore the newly opened area and you will find the Blue Orb, which will open the corresponding Blue Door. Once the Blue Door is open, explore this new area along the rooftops to find the Yellow Orb and defeat a final shadow ambush. The Yellow Orb will open its corresponding Yellow Door, leading to a Hacking Door minigame. Protect Futaba while she hacks the door, then enter the Prison Keep and you will face another mini-boss, Kuga. Kuga is a variant of Orthus, so you’ll be using ice attacks again. Once Kuga has fallen, ascend to the Fortress and collect the second Core, a Soukaisha Trophy.

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The third core

With the second Core obtained, slide down the pole to exit quickly and head to Hirose St. This area is packed with security cameras, so be careful not to be seen. Go through the next building and disarm the suspended traps, then defeat the Slime mini-boss. Going up to the rooftops, you will cross some pillars and find a seemingly impassable area. When using Third Eye, you will notice some hidden platforms to help you get across. Then jump across more floating pillars and go to the top left corner of the map and scroll down.

Look down and cross the transparent floor to reach a small platform. Open the chest to loot Ann’s Skin Ripper’s whip, then back off and lower your head. Cross more transparent floors until you reach the southern building. Here, defeat the enemies, then drop down and cross the transparent floors to your left. Cross the wire and the last of the transparent floors to reach the Prison Tower and a battle with Betero, which is a variant of Eligor. He is weak to electrical attacks, but make sure to keep an eye out for his lunge attack. Once Betero is down, step up and wrap up the final Core, an eye-catching fountain pen. With the three pieces of evidence obtained, the thieves will suggest that it is time to back off, putting an end to the first infiltration.

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Second infiltration

Before returning to Sendai Prison, Sophie will reveal that she has detected lingering shadows in Shibuya Prison. Complete your application to investigate lingering wishes and unlock the ability to revisit previous prisons. After completing this, you will receive a few other requests as part of a tutorial, which may provide you with some upgraded items and equipment. Once you’re done with these, it’s time to head back to Sendai Jail.

Once back in the Metaverse, use all three trials to open the Door of Trials and fight your way through waves of enemies. Eventually, you will meet another mid-boss, Doramu the Loyal, who is a variant of Pisaca. Fire attacks will melt his Down gauge, and you can use the sword monuments to dodge and reposition. Once Doramu is taken down, you will find a T-shaped passage with a ventilation hole. Use Third Eye to locate the vent and then head through the main entrance to Natsume Castle. Make sure you have supplies and make your way through the castle until you reach the roof.

Upon reaching the roof, the thieves will discover another bird cage, but also another trauma door that prevents access. Natsume’s threat to the real world hasn’t diminished at all, but now that Sophie has been able to detect the source of her trauma, the Phantom Thieves are one step closer to changing their hearts and returning desire to the citizens of Sendai.

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