In the In Generation VII Pokémon games, Mallow plays a minimal but pivotal role in the plot. As the test captain of the lush jungle of Akala Island, she is the last trainer the player faces before challenging the Kahuna. Like his anime counterpart, Mallow specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. However, he never gets a team of six, not even in his rematch battle after the player becomes Champion.

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Grass isn’t the best guy in the main series games. In fact, it’s arguably one of the worst, considering it’s weak to five guys and only super effective against three. Mallow isn’t the toughest trainer in her games, but she breeds her Pokémon with care and enthusiasm, and they eventually become formidable opponents.

8 Lurantis

Lurantis from Pokémon Sun and Moon standing in front of a yellow and green background

Lurantis is never part of the official Mallow team. Instead, he only uses it in the Battle Tree, a facility in Alola where players participate in single, double, and multiple battles. All Pokémon are level 50 and can have an item.

Mallow has two Lurantis as optional Pokémon. They both have decent move sets, although neither have counter moves for some of the most worrisome threats of their kind, primarily ice, flight, and fire. One of them can set Sunny Day, but only Talonflame can take advantage of the sunlight. As a pure Grass-type, Lurantis has five weaknesses, four resistances, and no immunity.

7 Comfey

Comfey from Pokémon Sun and Moon floating in front of a blue and purple background

As a pure fairy, Comfey has a lot going for her. It has only two weaknesses that it compensates for with an immunity and three resistances. However, Comfey is also terribly fragile and has a poor physical attack. However, his special attack and physical defense are above average, and his speed and special defense are outstanding.

Mallow uses his two Comfeys to aid him in double and multiple battles. One of the two has both Grassy Terrain and Floral Healing, a combo that can constantly heal the partner Pokémon in a single turn. The other is less useful as it only sets Leech Seed. However, Comfey is so fragile that it cannot last long on the battlefield.

6 Chinese

Shiinotic from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Shiinotic is easily the weakest of Mallow’s three official Pokémon. Its stats are pitiful, from its ridiculous 30 speed to its disappointing 45 physical attack. However, both special stats rescue this Pokémon from utter oblivion, making it somewhat useful.

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Mallow’s Shiinotic has nothing to counter his quadruple weakness with Poison. It also lacks any attack to deal with Flying, Steel, Fire, or Ice-types. Instead, he has three Grass-type moves, two of which are a waste of space, considering he’s most likely going to OHKO. Shiinotic can be a valuable member of any team, but Mallow doesn’t seem to know how to use him.

5 Tucannon

Toucannon from Pokemon Sun & Moon flying in front of a blue and pink background

As one of Alola’s regional birds, Toucannon is a decent Pokémon, if not outstanding. He has an exceptional physical attack but nothing remarkable in everything else. However, with just three weaknesses, two immunities, and two resistances, Toucannon can be effective in the right circumstances.

Mallow also has two Toucannon as possible options for his team. One makes excellent use of his high physical attack, with three great physical moves, Beak Blast, Rock Blast, and Bullet Seed. Unfortunately, the other one is much worse as it has Overheat, which ends up being a waste, considering Toucannon’s woeful Special Attack of just 75.

4 Talonflame

Pokemon Talonflame

During its introductory generation, Talonflame was the Flying-type Pokémon to have. Thanks to his Generation VI skill, Gale Wings, the priority of all Flying moves increased by one. However, it was severely nerfed by Game Freak in Gen VII so that Gale Wings would only work if the user had full HP. Talonflame’s exceptional speed comes at the expense of any and all of his other stats, all of which are below average.

However, one of Mallow’s Talonflame can deal devastating damage. It has a Focus Sash, preventing it from being OHKO, and can counter with Flail. The other Talonflame is average in every way.

3 Skeptical

Sceptile from the Pokémon series

Among all Grass Starters, Sceptile is in the Top 5. He is overwhelmingly fast and has an excellent Special Attack, but his low HP and Physical Defense and slightly above average Special Defense make him somewhat fragile.

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Mallow’s Sceptile has a Sceptilite, allowing for Mega Evolution. Like Mega, her physical attack soars and her moveset is packed with devastating physical moves like Earthquake, Dual Chop, and the infallible Focus Blast. However, as a dual-type Grass / Dragon, it has a whopping six weaknesses, including a quadruple vulnerability to Ice. And although he has moves to counter five of them, he has nothing against the terrifying Fairy-type.

two Trevenant

Trevenant from the Pokémon series

Not that Trevenant is a terrible Pokémon because it actually has excellent physical attack, even if it comes at the expense of all other stats. But Mallow’s Trevenant gets stuck with just three moves in all his appearances outside the Battle Tree, severely hampering his performance.

It doesn’t help that those three moves are useless against four of his five weaknesses. His moveset is dramatically improved in the battle tree, thanks to Earthquake, X-Scissor, and Focus Blast. But considering the heights this Grass / Ghost Pokémon can reach, it’s a shame Mallow barely touches the surface.

1 Tsareena

Tsareena posing on a gym structure in the anime Pokémon

Mallow’s Tsareena has a surprisingly balanced and effective set of movements. It has Zen Headbutt to deal with Poison-types and High Jump Kick for Ice-types. The U-turn is great for getting out of annoying situations, and Power Whip can be dangerous, especially with Tsareeena’s STAB damage.

All of Tsareena’s moves are physical, making excellent use of her incredible stat of 120 physical attacks. However, it has nothing against Fire, Flying, or Bug-types, and it can’t even learn any Rock-type moves, which is a complication for this otherwise outstanding Pokémon.

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