The original Disney + animated series Star Wars: The Bad Lot follows the elite and experimental clones of Bad Batch (first introduced in The Clone Wars) while in a galaxy that is in transition from the Republic to the Empire. Each of them individually have an ability that helps to strengthen the squad and that they use in mercenary missions as they try to find their new purpose.

During a virtual press conference and one-on-one chat with Collider, animated voice actor. Dee Bradley Baker talked about expressing each of the Bad Batch, why it is easy for them to jump from one character to another, what makes this group a force to be reckoned with, why be part of the Star Wars The universe is special, and what excites you most about this show.

Question: We first met Bad Batch in the last season of The Clone Wars. For those who are not familiar with them, how would you describe them?

DEE BRADLEY BAKER: From the team, you have Hunter, who is the leader of the pack. He has sniffing and tracking skills and this heightened sense that helps him measure the terrain. And then you have Tech, who is very technically oriented. He always has a handheld device he’s working on, and he’s super cool, super calm, and competent in all technical aspects. And then you have Wrecker, who is not surprising is the muscles of the group. It has incredible strength. And then you have Crosshair, who is the sniper of the group. He is a contrary character and quite interesting in the dynamics. And then, you also have Echo, which is a modified Android clone, from The Clone Wars episodes, which was incorporated into Batch. That’s the gang. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

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Would it be like asking you to choose a favorite kid, if you asked who your favorite Bad Batch member is?

BAKER: It’s fun being Wrecker because he’s so honest, clear, and funny. I have a lot of affection for all of them. They are all very interesting guys. Wrecker is probably the furthest from me, of them all, and he’s a lot of fun.

You’ve done so many voices on so many shows. What makes being part of a Star Wars special series? What does it mean to you to be part of this universe?

BAKER: The Star Wars universe and my work in it is very special to my heart, in a unique way, because of how far it goes back to my life. I was just a kid when I first saw Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, when it first came out. My love and enthusiasm for Star Wars run very, very back. On another level, as a voice actor, they never gave me this kind of project that is direct, but also asks me to act, in a way that is more in the middle and that throws the whole scene at me. often. We as voice actors just don’t see that. There is nothing that I have, in my career, to compare it to. So both in the artistic challenge and in the satisfaction of connecting with this that I have loved since I was a child, they come together in this way that is unique in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever see him again. It’s very rewarding and fun to do for that.

What can you say to provoke this season and what excites you the most?

BAKER: For me, the most exciting thing about The bad lot is that, for fans and people who like Star WarsAnyone who wants to see this can immerse themselves in a really funny, thought-provoking and engaging story at this dramatic and unexplored moment in the world. Star Wars mythology. When there is a transfer of this convulsion from the Republic to the Empire, that’s when things essentially change from a more democratic tone to a more authoritarian society where things are not going so well. It’s a really interesting dramatic moment, in the broadest macro sense, politically speaking, in terms of power. But the good thing to add is that you have this great action story in the middle, with this personal relationship with a new character, Omega, to add a family-type element to it. It is not just action and politics. You have a personal story of people trying to survive, trying their best, and making tough decisions as the world presents itself to them. It’s a really cool stage, so anyone can jump into the Star Wars universe and check it out. It is an incredible journey.

What are the challenges Bad Batch is going to face?

BAKER: In the sudden and shocking transition from the Republic to the Empire, it suddenly becomes a much more rule-based power structure of the galaxy and the universe. The Bad Batch is not so much a rule-based unit. They’re very much a team, but they’re not like the Clones, where it’s more of a top-down command structure. It is very interesting to place them in the middle of this moment of transformation and see how it unfolds.


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How would you describe the dynamic between Omega and Bad Batch?

BAKER: It’s a fascinating relationship that unfolds. At first, the team is its own sealed unit. They are certainly not used to having anyone else with them or working with anyone else. They did bring Echo on board though, after Echo proved his worth to them and they joined in on it. It’s interesting, in terms of the story and the writing, to have this personal relationship with a younger character and see how that changes and how they adapt to that and how it works. It’s more of an uncle / niece or father / son dynamic, but not quite. Omega has its own interesting potential for powers, so it’s interesting to see how all of that plays out. It connects you with the story in a personal way. It’s not just an action story, like Star Wars it never is. There is a personal story that is also unfolding, connecting you to the whole story.

What can you say about Crosshair’s journey and the great threat it will pose to Bad Batch?

BAKER: Crosshair is a really interesting key member of the team. Its practical utility in the team is that of a sniper. It is someone who is further away from the rest of the group and just takes them out, one by one. That is very much his character. He is not someone who hangs out with the team. He’s helping the team, in a very strategic and laser-focused way. His nature is willing to differentiate himself from the team he is a part of. That definitely unfolds, as the larger political story unfolds, of this instant mega transformation from Republic to Empire. As anyone who has seen Star Wars knows, it is a very profound moment in the entire history of Star Wars, and that’s part of what’s so interesting. You have the personal dynamics of these few characters, who are so much fun to hang out with. They are really competent, very funny and interesting. All this broader process is unfolding, among its dynamics, too. There is a lot to unpack and it is coming.

Do you approach Clone Force 99 differently than you did in The Clone Wars Season 7, now who’s headlining your own series?

BAKER: Yes, Clone Force 99 is a step beyond what I was asked to do in The Clone Wars Serie. The complicated thing for the Clones is that the differentiation is much tighter between characters, although it has to be decisive and clear. Actually, the Bad Batch are much further apart from each other, which, oddly enough, makes it a bit easier to jump from character to character. To me, it feels like I’m jumping from rock to rock in a stream. I can see the rock. The writing is clear, and what I jump is to that character. Can I see them. I feel like I know them and it actually helps that they are more differentiated vocally, and also in terms of their personality and mood. It seems more like a magic trick than with the Clones, but it’s still a really fascinating process, as a voice actor, to have these scenes where I just talk to myself, switching from one character to another. , as we go through the script. Usually this is how we do it. We just go straight through it. It is fantastic fun. It really is an interesting project.


Image via Lucasfilm.

Is it fun to become a one man band on this show?

BAKER: Yeah, frankly I would love to hang out with Bad Batch. I don’t think I’m allowed to do it because I just don’t have that level of competence, just in terms of what they have to do. I don’t think it would fit at all, but I sure do like them and I really feel like I know them. Each of them are interesting and intriguing, in their own way, and they’re even better together, as a group. I think they know and that’s part of what’s really fun about them. It’s like the Beatles or Monty Python, where separately they are good or very good, but together, they are incredible.

Is there a plan for a finite number of episodes?

BAKER: There is always a plan.

Star Wars: The Bad Lot is available to stream on Disney +.

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