Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of Supergirl season 6, episode 6, “Prom Again!”, Which wrapped up Brainy and Nia’s journey back in time to 2009.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Supergirl season 6 episode 6, “Prom Again!”, Which aired Tuesday on The CW.

After a dramatic start that saw Kara trapped in the Phantom Zone and the Super Friends reeling from the emotional fallout as they struggled to find her, Supergirl Season 6 relaxed with “Prom Night!”, The first half of a two-part series that followed Brainy and Nia back in time to Midvale, 2009, to reclaim a piece of Kara’s DNA and, in the process, more. or less reliving the process of being hormonal high school students. Episode 6, appropriately named, “Dance Again!”, Begins from there, with an installment filled with emotional closure, surprising origin stories, and more jokes about the late 2000s, a distant era in which everyone was really interested in jeggings and Lady Gaga. – than one can shake a stick.

“Dance again!” It begins with teenage Kara deftly rescuing Brainy and Nia from her not-so-threatening captors Naxim Tork and Mitch, with Cat (sorry, CJ) Grant recording everything with a drone camera. At first, everything seems fine: Brainy imprisons Naxim and Mitch aboard his ship and sets him to unmask in Uruguay in three days, restoring the timeline. He and Nia then begin preparing to mingle at Midvale High’s prom, though not before Nia has another dream, this time of an empty cage without the pink cougar she keeps seeing. Later that night, as Alex leaves Kara for the dance, the Danver sisters have a heart-to-heart moment. It’s one of the many poignant exchanges between characters in “Prom Again!”, An episode that also marks Chyler Leigh’s directorial debut.

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Unfortunately, all the sweetness, including a slow dance between Brainy and Nia aboard their ship, is shattered when Cat releases Naxim and Mitch from their ship and the Kryptonite meteor begins to plummet for Midvale High, avoiding for Kara to tell Kenny the truth about her plans for next year. While Kara is able to stop the meteor, injuring her hand as she was meant to do, Naxim and Mitch appear demanding that the planet’s Kryptonian reveal himself, leading Kenny to claim that he is the one they are looking for. He is captured and thrown into a cell with Cat, but not before discovering that he is human and sending a message to all non-humans on Earth: either Kara reveals herself to them, or they kill Kenny in the next ten minutes.

With Kara still weak from being exposed to kryptonite but determined to save Kenny on her own, Nia stops her by knocking her unconscious before locking her and Alex in a janitor’s closet and leaving with Brainy. Luckily for them, Alex learned to pick locks in college (just like you), so the couple can get away quickly. Soon after, Nia unlocks some new superpowers as Dreamer when she captures the pink cougar in her dream and, without knowing how, unleashes it on Naxim and Mitch in the real world. But just when everything seems to be going well, the scheming villains return to their craft, only for Kara and the others to inadvertently unleash some of their imprisoned aliens. If that wasn’t enough, the Midvale police arrive, with Cat set to finally earn her Pulitzer by revealing Kara to the world.

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And now that? Well, as Nia points out to Panicky Brainy, they have a time machine, so … why not go back in time enough to fix everything that went wrong? It’s not a bad plan, given the circumstances, although it is nearly derailed when Kara saves herself aboard Brainy and Nia’s ship after hearing them through her super audience. Fortunately, things go better from there: Nia destroys Cat’s drone and, when crossing paths with her in the forest, convinces her that she has a future beyond writing gossip columns for him. Daily planet. Cat, who no longer calls himself CJ, never denies his own ambition, quits his job and leaves Midvale in his rearview mirror, though not before scribbling “CatCo” and a drawing of the pink cougar on his paper napkin. (How about that for a predestination paradox?)

Once the reincarcerated Naxim and Mitch are transferred to Uruguay, “Prom Again!” ends on a somewhat more serious note. Kara, after hitting the Kryptonite meteorite (technically) a second time, tells Kenny that she loves him and his adventures in Midvale, but admits that she was accepted into National City University and is unsure of her future even. if you want to continue “supering”. forever. (We forgot them, this is Supergirllast season.) She asks Kenny to join her, but he admits that after everything that happened last week, he feels like it’s time for him to figure out how to save himself on his own.

Elsewhere, back on their ship, Brainy and Nia return to the present with the meteorite chunk with Kara’s blood on it. Feeling much better than before, Brainy assures Nia that she was great today and even kisses her. When Nia notices that she’s starting to cry, Brainy admits that she had forgotten what positive feelings are like and says that that might be the lesson from high school: learning to endure bad emotions so that you can appreciate the good ones, like her new sense of self. hope. .

Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers, Nicole Maines as Dreamer, and Jesse Rath as Brainiac-5. New episodes air Tuesdays at 9 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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