Rotten Tomatoes has become a barometer to measure how well received a film is among audiences and critics. However, while the platform is a great way to get general consensus on a movie, it’s not always that accurate when it comes to genuine emotional reaction from fans.

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There are many cult hits, family favorites, and beloved movies that have earned Rotten scores on the Tomatometer. Some of these can be considered classics today, despite their initial reception. Others still divide opinion, but there is certainly still an audience for them. Either way, many fans still speak of these movies in a positive light today.

10 Daycare for Dad (2003) 27%

Daycare for parents

Eddie Murphy’s career is certainly mixed when it comes to the projects he has taken on. Weather Daycare for parents It has its fair share of enemies, there is also a whole generation of people who grew up on the movie and still love it today.

Maybe it’s the chaotic nature of the comedy, the brilliant lines from the kids, or the chemistry of the cast, but the familiar Daycare for parents it definitely does what it set out to do. While its sequels aren’t as highly regarded, the original somehow still stands the test of time for those who adore its cheesy nature.

9 Stepbrothers (2008) 55%

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have a series of projects that Rotten Tomatoes has deemed impossible to watch. Still, Step Brothers It really shouldn’t be on that list considering the cult he still enjoys today. The script is hilarious and quoted endlessly and the association of these two leads just works.

There is always a demand to see more of these two characters and that is due to the brilliant writing and the wonderful, quirky performances. Any comedy that can still make viewers laugh more than a decade later is definitely doing its job.

8 Taken (2008) 59%

taken liam neeson

Taken It could be one of the most sought-after movies of all time. Everyone knows of the infamous phone call in which Liam Neeson warns his daughter’s captors about the hell they are about to face.

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The franchise continued, with diminishing returns. However, the original, which launched the entire series and went on to establish an action icon, in many respects definitely does not deserve a Rotten score. The legacy of Taken alone should be enough to show how wrong the critics are.

7 Jingle All The Way (1996) 17%

Another movie that still has a mixed reception, Resonates all the way it’s definitely a festive movie that people either love or hate. However, there are enough people who have grown up with the Christmas comedy, who still sing its praises like a group of well-rehearsed Christmas carols.

The movie contains some unforgettable lines from the lead actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, especially when it comes to his wife’s baked goods. No one in the cast dominates it either, with Sinbad, in particular, doing his best in his portrayal of the postman, Myron.

6 Spaceballs (1987) 56%

When it comes to cult classics, it’s hard not to look at the sci-fi genre, which has hundreds of underrated movies, each with its own following of die-hard fans. Space balls is a comedy freak that fits well into this category.

Each scene creates the momentum of the piece, as this Star Wars parody pokes fun at everything sci-fi fans have come to love. Known tropes and gender certainties are reversed in the coolest way here. A script this clever should never be considered rotten. Also, of course, it is important to mention the fantastic work of the legendary Rick Moranis.

5 Bad Boys (1995) 42%

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in Bad Boys

Bad boys It helped cement Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s careers in Hollywood and is one of the most famous buddy-cop action comedies ever. It spawned an ongoing franchise that has recently enjoyed a period of rejuvenation.

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Despite its endless rhythms of action and the chemistry of the two leads, critics somehow found it difficult to praise the beloved popcorn box office success. Getting a Rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, Bad boys however, it is celebrated as a benchmark of its genre.

4 Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) 49%

Miles looks around the Ulysses Bridge room in awe in Atlantis The Lost Empire

Disney has created a long list of iconic movies, still Atlantis it is still overlooked. Although it appears to be in line for a live-action reboot in the next few years, critics have deemed it unworthy of attention. Fans have continually praised him for his bold narrative and wacky characters.

Its animation alone is absolutely beautiful, and the mythology built here around the lost city of Atlantis is truly extraordinary. It is also important to mention the brilliant score that accompanies the audience throughout the adventure. This journey to the depths of the Earth is definitely not rotten.

3 A Knight’s Tale (2001) 59%

Paul Bettany and Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale

Heath Ledger has an impressive filmography to his name, but a cult hit that will continue to be loved is A tale of gentlemen. A classic fairy tale and sword and sandal drama, it feels timeless and similar to the likes of The princess Bride.

Fans of a gentlemen’s tale He will continue to enjoy his leadership in his role as a knight in shining armor, as the young squire rises through the ranks of society in disguise in his new identity. It’s a great premise and one that was executed to perfection, putting a twist on all the traditional genre tropes. However, it’s a shame critics don’t seem to agree.

two National Treasury (2004) 46%

National Treasure it’s one of the Disney projects that has fans most eager to reboot. The idea of ​​a group of treasure hunters using their detective skills to find hidden clues among America’s most treasured history is definitely exciting.

Add this to a great script, some notable villains, a terrific cast, and the sense of adventure audiences get from watching it and it’s clear why the National Treasure there is still talk of franchising. While a reboot might be in the cards, even a Rotten score won’t stop audiences from expecting a direct sequel.

1 Hook (1991) 26%

Hook film

Directed by Steven Spielberg and packed with award-winning actors including Robin Williams, Maggie Smith, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts, Hook is based on the iconic legend of Peter Pan. Every element in the film is truly unique, and yet is considered Rotten in some way.

Hook It continues to have a celebrated legacy and is perhaps one of the films for which Williams is most fondly remembered. It is charming, full of joy, but also dark in places. Twist the fairy tale genre and show that it’s okay to grow up, but only if you can still hold on to your inner child.

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