The hit series shonen Bleach is famous for its huge and colorful cast of characters, both heroes and villains. Classic antagonists like Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Sosuke Aizen will stand the test of time, but others Bleach The villains were clearly disappointing, in hindsight.

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It is natural for the villains in a shonen series to vary in strength; not everyone can be Madara Uchiha or Captain Blackbeard. Still, there are certain Bleach villains who talked about a good fight or looked powerful and scary, but ended up being incredibly mediocre and pretty easy for the heroes to defeat. Which Bleach Villains weren’t that strong after all was said and done?

10 Ilfort Grantz, who played with Renji and Ururu

ilfort grantz bleach

This minor Bleach The antagonist was one of the five factions, or henchmen, of Grimmjow Jeagerjaques himself. Ilfort challenged Lieutenant Renji Abarai to a duel, and at first, Ilfort had the upper hand, constantly taunting Renji for being much weaker than him. He even had a liberated form in the form of a bull, Del Toro.

However, Ilfort was only winning because Renji and his allies had a power limiter in place, meaning that only 20% of their strength was available. Once that limiter was removed, Ilfort was quickly overwhelmed. In a fair fight, it wouldn’t have lasted that long.

9 Loly Avirrne, The Centipede Girl

Loly wielding her sword

Loly Avirrne and her friend Menoly Mallia were two punk Arrancars who attacked Orihime Inoue and tormented her nonstop during the Hueco Mundo story arc. Loly had a bratty attitude and a losing streak to match, and ultimately challenged the massive Yammy Llargo to a fight.

Loly claimed that her released form would poison Yammy to death with her centipede-themed powers, but Yammy instantly crushed her. Later, Loly and Menoly claimed that they would defeat Sternritter “J” Quilge Opie, only to suffer a quick defeat once more. Loly is all talk after all.

8 Gantenbainne Mosqueda, A Privaron Espada

Several Arrancar had the strength to back up his tough talk, but many others did not. For example, the deprived Espada known as Gantenbainne Mosqueda had an honorable demeanor on a par with Chad, but his true strength was disappointing.

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It’s true that Gantenbainne could deliver sound-enhanced quick kicks and could fire a ranged attack with his true origin, Dragra. But Chad had little difficulty defeating Gantenbainne with his true power in the end, crushing Gantenbainne with a punch from El Muerte.

7 Meninas McAllon, Sternritter P: The Power

Meninas throwing a punch and sending someone flying

It wasn’t just the Arrancars who spoke well but didn’t deliver. Several Quincy did the same, and Meninas McAllon was one of them. Meninas had an ability called The Power, which allowed her to land devastating blows with both hands. However, he didn’t get very far with this ability.

Meninas landed a serious blow or two before being forced on the defensive against several Soul Reapers, and Meninas and her allies fell without seriously injuring their Soul Reaper opponents. It takes more than mega-shots to win against Gotei 13.

6 Candice Catnipp, Sternritter T: The Lightning

Another one of the “Femritters”, a squad of Sternritter girls, was Candice Catnipp. Candice always spoke highly of the fight, and bragged loudly that once she defeated Ichigo Kurosaki in single combat, King Yhwach would grant her any wish she wanted.

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Candice was certainly excited, but while her lightning-based attacks were quite impressive, Candice’s abilities fell far short of her boastfulness. Ichigo, with his new Zangetsu in hand, easily kept Candice away, despite being gentle with her. Candice didn’t stand a chance.

5 Findorr Calius, the Arrancar Crab

Findorr Calius was one of the six factions of Barragan Luisenbarn, and he had the unusual ability to increase his combat strength by removing more and more pieces of the remains of his Hollow mask. He started out with the power of the fifth seat, according to his opponent Shuhei Hisagi, but that soon changed.

Findorr continued to increase his power until he was fighting on lieutenant terms, including his liberated form. However, Shuhei soon tore Findorr apart with his shikai, Kazeshini, and Findorr couldn’t get any stronger to turn the tables. Findorr claimed that he soon reached Captain-level powers, but clearly, that was not true.

4 Nirrge Parduoc, the Arrancar Mammoth

Nirrge Parduoc was another one of Barragan’s factions, and he faced Lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda from Squad 2. Nirrge spoke of a good fight and kept criticizing Marechiyo for being fat and slow, then dropped his zanpakuto, Mamut, to finish the fight.

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Nirrge thought he had the upper hand, but he was completely wrong. Marechiyo had been acting the entire time and used his ninja speed to enter Nirrge’s blind spot and land the winning blow with his shikai. Marechiyo’s shikai isn’t terribly impressive, so anyone who takes a hit from that shikai and falls clearly isn’t a great fighter.

3 Iceringer, the remote specialist

Iceringer was one of the first Arrancar to appear in the Hueco Mundo story arc, along with a brutal Arrancar named Demora Zodd. Iceringer claimed that he and Demora had animal bodies because they swapped their human forms for sheer power, but these words soon ring false.

Iceringer could shoot 108 arrows at once with the One Shootout ability, but that’s not saying much, seeing as how Uryu Ishida easily took them all down and defeated Iceringer with a single counterattack. Iceringer claimed to have gained great power, but his performance in combat suggests that he did not gain anything at all.

two Grand Fisher, the infamous hollow

The notorious Hollow known as Grand Fisher had claimed countless victims over the years, including several Soul Reapers, thanks to its ability to make decoys that distract its enemies and throw its enemies off balance. He even imitated Masaki Kurosaki during his battle with Ichigo.

That’s just a gimmick though, and compared to most Minuses, Grand Fisher isn’t really that strong. What’s more, he became a primitive Arrancar complete with a zanpakuto, but he was still quite weak. Isshin Kurosaki took down this giant monster with a single hit.

1 PePe Waccabrada, Sternritter L: Love

Pepe making a heart with his hands

Another disappointing Sternritter was the goofy PePe Waccabrada, whose power is vaguely similar to that of the seventh Espada, Zommari Rureaux. PePe is a guy who sits on a floating disc and can use The Love to take control of someone and win their heart. He used this power once on Shuhei Hisagi, turning him against Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.

PePe also used her power on her partner Sternritter Meninas McAllon, turning her against Lisotto Lamperd. The villains of the “puppet master” are always funny, but PePe was very disappointing as he did not achieve anything remarkable with his actions. Then when an angry Lisotto cornered him, he was completely helpless, and Lisotto easily killed him.

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