Ava duvernay

DC fans were did a serious annoyance a few weeks ago. After years of developing The new gods As a film with Ava DuVernay and Tom King collaborating on the script, it was announced that the project was no longer moving forward. While we haven’t heard any specific reasoning as to why that particular move was made, we are hopeful that the situation has kept the door open for a conversation with DuVernay about the upcoming Superman movie. Between Selma, When they see us, and the documentary 13, the filmmaker has shown a tremendous ability to create powerful cinema, and although her first foray into the realm of blockbusters, 2018 A wrinkle in time, it didn’t perform at the box office as well as expected, you can still absolutely appreciate the large-scale beauty of the film. She clearly has an interest in bringing the world of DC Comics to the big screen, and we are hopeful that she will eventually get the chance.


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