The DC Comics fan tournament to choose a new series has entered the third round, releasing new preview pages for the four remaining titles in the competition.

Dc comics just released teaser pages for the third round of their fan tournament. DC’s Round Robin is still underway, and as promised, new teaser pages have been revealed. The competition is heating up and the previews promise some very interesting stories.

The DC Round Robin is a fan vote competition to select an upcoming comic book title. The competition started on March 31, 2021 and consists of four rounds. What started out as a category of sixteen titles has been narrowed down to just four options. The two winners of this round will meet in DC’s final showdown.

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The current titles remaining in the race are Suicide squad seven, Robins, Green Lanterns: Underworld on Fire, Y Blue Beetle: Graduation Day. The third round of voting has opened. Green Lanterns goes against Robins weather Suicide squad seven is bracketed against Blue beetle. To help fans decide which title to vote for, DC has provided a single page preview of the four potential titles that reveal more details about each story. Check out the teasers here:

Green lanterns: Underworld on fire stars Kyle Rayner. The book’s creative team includes writer Sina Grace, artist V. Ken Marion, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, and sign artist Troy Peteri. Sina Grace has written DC Love is a battlefield n. 1 and it was included for the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Super Spectacular of 100 pages. Robins will provide fans with a reunion of former Batman pupils. His creative team includes writer Tim Seeley, artist Baldemar Rivas, colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr., and marker Steve Wands. Tim Seeley has a lot of experience with Bat-Family’s writing problems from Nightwing, Batman Eternal, Y Grayson.

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day presents Jaime Reyes on the verge of reaching a great milestone. The creative team includes writer Josh Trujillo, artist Adrián Gutiérrez, colorist Wil Quintana, and reader Gabriela Downie. Josh Trujillo was involved with Superman: Man of Tomorrow Y Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace. Suicide squad seven puts fan-favorite Harley Quinn in a title role with a new Suicide Squad created by writer Rex Ogle, artist Diogenes Neves, colorist Rex Lokus, and sign artist Tom Napolitano. Rex Ogle also has some DC issues in his portfolio, including Teen Titans # 83-87 (“Coven of Three”) and Flashpoint World # 1-3.

In each of the previous trailers, new enemies and challenges are introduced, except for Robins, which, instead, focuses on a conversation without masks. Each page that has been published does a good job of revealing the potential of each story, while adding new details and showcasing the main characters such as Blue Beetle and Green Lantern. Each of these pages was drawn by the artists who will help create the final product if its release wins the Round Robin. V Ken Marion has worked on Green Lanterns Y Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Baldemar Rivas has worked in DC The Doomed and the Damned # 1, having worked predominantly with IDW, Lion Forge, and Image Comics. Adrian Gutierrez has worked for Zenescope Entertainment, Ablaze Publishing and now DC. Diogenes Neves has done a lot of work on Suicide squad Y death Punch, among other DC titles. After this round is completed, the final round of the DC Round Robin will feature a multi-page preview for both finalists, which these artists will also create. Voting for the third round of Dc comics The amateur tournament will close on May 12, 2021.

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