Untitled Biopic of William S. Burroughs – TBD (Pre-Production)

Kristen Stewart is no stranger when it comes to novel adaptations by the Beat Generation writers, having previously appeared in Walter Salles’ 2012 film version of the iconic Jack Kerouac film. In the path, in which she played Marylou, the 16-year-old wife of Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund). This time, Stewart will have one of the lead roles in Ben Foster’s untitled drama about the legendary American writer and one of the literary world’s most infamous addicts, William S. Boroughs. Foster, who is making his directorial debut here, will play William S. Burroughs with Stewart playing Joan Vollmer, the wife and customary muse of the writer who was accidentally shot and killed by the Beat Generation writer in Mexico City alone. two years before becoming a successful novelist with Junkie.

According to a Variety reported when the film was first announced in May 2019, it will explore the love triangle between William S. Burroughs, Joan Vollmer, and a direct American expat played by DunkirkIt’s Tom Glynn-Carney. There have been no updates in the two years since this announcement.


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