Action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme finally fulfills his destiny and plays Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 1995 thanks to a deepfake video.

Mortal Kombat The 1995 deepfake video features Jean-Claude Van Damme as Johnny Cage. Thanks to the hit R-rated action movie of 2021, Mortal Kombat is back on the screens and is more successful than ever.

Mortal Kombat of course, it started life as an arcade game in 1992, then moved onto home consoles. The huge popularity of this five-button fighting game with its fast-paced action and super-bloody “fatalities” in 1995 led New Line Cinema to produce a film adaptation that reduced the violence to PG-13 levels, making it more kid-friendly. . That movie may have quickly faded from public consciousness, but video gamers definitely remained interested in Mortal Kombat, which led to the ultraviolent restart of 2021.

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This renewed interest in Mortal Kombat Movies has prompted at least one deepfake video maker to use his skills in the 1995 version and recast the role of Johnny Cage. In the new clip, action superstar Van Damme becomes Cage for an epic fight against Scorpion. Watch the video of the well-known deepfake creator stryder HD in the space below:

It makes perfect sense to cast Van Damme as Cage because, in fact, Cage’s character was based on Van Damme himself. How it ended up that Van Damme didn’t play Cage in the first Mortal Kombat The movie is indeed a mystery given how perfect the cast would have been. In the end, Cage was played by Linden Ashby, a downright forgettable actor. Now, thanks to deepfake technology, Van Damme’s injustice doesn’t essentially play itself out on Mortal Kombat 1995 has been rectified.

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Of course, Johnny Cage’s character was left out of the new Mortal Kombat movie, but there has been a lot of speculation about who will eventually take on the role in the upcoming sequel. Fans naturally have their favorites, including Ryan Reynolds, who recently took to social media to respond to rumors. Scott Adkins, Jensen Ackles, and wrestler The Miz have also been mentioned as possibilities. Van Damme, of course, is also mentioned despite the fact that he is now too old to play Johhny Cage, unless the producers want to do something radical with the character and make him much older, or employ degrading CGI on Van Damme and increase his budget beyond reasonable. After seeing Van Damme’s new deepfake in the original Mortal Kombat, maybe it’s not entirely outside the purview of reason to think that CGI could be used to finally cast him as Johnny Cage for real. Unless or until Van Damme gets the call to be Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2, fans have to be content with home videos like the one pictured above, which is impressive enough to be sure.

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Fountain: stryder HD / YouTube

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