Allnighter, the company behind Sony’s Bloodshot movie, is developing a live-action television series based on WEBTOON’s Let’s Play.

Let’s play, Leeanne M. Krecic’s WEBTOON series, will have a live-action television adaptation.

The series will be executive produced by Allnighter’s Amanda Kruse, Dinesh Shamdasani and Hunter Gorinson, along with Krecic and Tom Akel. The search for a showrunner is still ongoing.

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“I believe Let’s play because I was looking for characters like me, die-hard gamers, sincere romantics, and young women with dreams of success on their own terms, but couldn’t find them represented in any part of pop culture at the time. So, I decided it was a story that I would have to tell myself, “Kercic said.” On its surface, Let’s play it’s a love triangle, but it’s also a contemporary and emotionally sophisticated reinvention of form, one that will soon allow young women to see the loves, aspirations, and setbacks of people like them celebrated on screen at last. “

Let’s play It has an incredible fan base of ardent readers, the vast majority of them young women, who have found in it exactly what Leeanne hoped to create: a community. I myself am one of them and discover Let’s play it was a revelation, “added Kruse.” It is an absolute honor to play a role in helping bring this story to the screen. “

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The official synopsis of Let’s play Is under:

An essential rom-com in the vein of NEW GIRL and FRIENDS for the YouTube and Twitch raised generation, LET’S PLAY follows Sam, an aspiring game developer who sacrificed her social life to put her heart and soul into her first game. But when the product of Sam’s passion, a lovingly constructed RPG called Ruminate – is skewered by an enigmatic game critic known only by the online username “Marshall Law”, the personal and professional consequences are swift and brutal. Things get even more complicated when Sam discovers that his new next door neighbor is none other than Marshall himself and that, together, they are about to become opposing players in the game of love and life.

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The television adaptation of Let’s play has yet to receive a release date.

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Source: Allnighter

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