Lama Su, Prime Minister of Kamino, allows Clone Force 99 to escape from Kamino at the end of Episode 1. His decision is not altruistic and here is why.

Star Wars: The Bad Lot open during the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The animated series follows the late, but incredibly efficient, quintet of irregular clones that audiences first met in Star Wars, Clone Wars. At the end of Episode 1, four of the five soldiers, with the exception of Crosshair, defect from the newly formed Empire. They flee Kamino at full speed, but the planet’s prime minister, Lama Su, also participated in the successful escape from Bad Batch.

The public may remember Lama Su from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, since the Kaminoan was used by the Galactic Republic to manufacture an army of clones. “Aftermath” begins with the success of Order 66, the death of General Grevious, and the end of the Clone Wars. It is Admiral Tarkin, not yet Moff, who comes to Kamino to explain to Lama Su that Emperor Palpatine now views funding a clone army as an unnecessary expense because uncloned soldiers can be recruited at half the cost. Kamino benefited greatly from his cloning deal with the now-dissolved Galactic Republic, so the imminent termination of that business relationship is disturbing news. In an attempt to prove Kamino’s value to the Empire, Lama Su presents Clone Force 99, Kamino’s rarest and most esteemed products, in a high intensity training session. Tarkin is impressed with their abilities, but when they fail to carry out their dirty work on Onderon, they are attacked by Imperial forces upon returning to Kamino.

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Clone Force 99 escapes from the stormy sea planet with the help of Omega, a young clone who is also abnormal, but they can only free their ship from the hanger because Nala Se prevents the bay doors from closing. He immediately reports his escape to Lama Su, but he decides not to inform the Empire. It’s a funny move, but Lama Su is playing it very smartly. If you tell the Empire immediately about Bad Batch’s escape, you could be punished for the mishap, or at the very least, the Empire will find and capture, or destroy, the extremely valuable clones.

On the contrary, Lama Su keeps close to his chest the news of Bad Batch’s escape gives him a powerful card to play with, especially if he intends to use the remaining four special clones as a token in a deal with the Empire that not just him. It benefits him, but also him. the best interests of your entire planet. One of the other possibilities is that Lama Su might want to bring Clone Force 99 back to Kamino so that he can carry out continuous experimentation without interference from the Empire. Crosshair’s experiments on the Bad Batch made him much more compliant, and Lama Su might be planning to stop the rest of the Bad Batch himself, manipulate all of their tokens, and transform them into perfect weapons to sell to the Empire.

Lama Su is not a Star Wars character who is remarkably good or bad, which makes guessing his motives even more difficult. In any case, he wouldn’t let clones as valuable as Bad Batch escape without being tracked down. Look for Lama Su to play at least one card, her knowledge of Bad Batch’s new location, possibly as early as episode 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Lot.

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