The X-Men have more on their plate than just about any other superhero team in the comics. Made up of the most powerful and skilled mutants on the planet, the X-Men not only defend the world from extremely dangerous threats, they also have to defend mutants from human racism and try to make the world a more tolerant place. This is a lot of work, but the X-Men do their best to achieve it.

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The X-Men have made the world a better place in so many ways. They have one of the toughest jobs of any team, but they do their best, defending a world that hates and fears them.

10 The success of the X-Men movies opened the door to the MCU

Storm with the X-Men

Right now, the MCU is the largest entertainment property out there, making billions and bringing superheroes into the lives of millions. Movies have made people’s lives a little brighter around the world, thrilling their legions of fans and getting more with each installment. However, without the X-Men, none of that would have been possible.

2000s X Men it was a huge success and it showed that superhero movies can be a hit with audiences. The movies would continue to adapt classic stories, with varying levels of success, and show the world just how great superheroes could be. The joy that the MCU has brought to the world is due to X Men.

9 Krakoan pharmaceutical products have made a difference in the world

House of X / Powers of X brought many changes to the X-Men and many of them occurred due to the unique flowers that are grown on the island of Krakoa. The island’s special flowers enabled Xavier, using pharmaceutical companies he secretly purchased, to produce three medicines for the human race.

The first extended life expectancy by five years, the second cured all mental illnesses, and the third was the most effective antibiotic of all time. These three drugs have improved the lives of many and have also given mutants more power in the world than ever, making them safer than ever.

8 They have saved the world from sentinels many times

The Sentinels have slaughtered an unfathomable number of mutants.

Humanity’s racism against mutants has taken many terrible forms, but the worst are the sentinels. Created to hunt down and destroy mutants, in almost every future the X-Men have encountered, the Sentinels have taken full control of humanity. They end up massacring all heroes and controlling the human race as mutants are born from humans.

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The X-Men have stopped these dire futures many times over the years, making sure things aren’t as dark as they could be. Unfortunately, humanity’s racism always forces them to make more Sentinels, but the X-Men are always there to stop them.

7 They have trained young mutants to control their powers, saving lives

Over the years, a lot has changed for the X-Men, but one thing that hasn’t is their mission to train mutants. The powers of some mutants can be very destructive without training, but using Cerebro, the mutant search computer, the X-Men can find them and take them to a place where they will not only be safe but also learn to control themselves.

This has made a huge difference in the world as, without training, many mutants would have done a lot of damage with their uncontrolled powers. Training the X-Men saved many lives over the years.

6 Multiple X-Men teams have made a huge difference in people’s lives

Generation X, X-Factor and X-Force

One of the unique things compared to many other superhero teams is how many X-Men teams there are. Whether it’s X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, New Mutants or more, there are a multitude of X-Men affiliated groups that save human and mutant lives and make the world a safer place.

Each team has a different approach: the X-Men do the classic superhero stuff, X-Factor handles things more on the investigative side, and X-Force is the black ops group. Beyond them, there are several training teams for young mutants. The X-Men have a team for everything and they have all made a difference in the world.

5 They have saved the world from the Phoenix Force

Marvel Phoenix Force in space

“The Dark Phoenix Saga” is one of the most beloved X-Men stories of all time. By watching the X-Men fight the Dark Phoenix, the team was able to save the entire creation from the fierce force of life and death. Since then, the Phoenix Force has returned to Earth many times and the X-Men have always been there to fight it when it goes too far.

While they have not always been successful without help, Avengers Vs X-Men comes to mind, they have still been at the forefront of the battle against him. Without their expertise, the Phoenix would have devoured the Earth centuries ago.

4 Giving Cyclops a chance to shine gave the Hero World one of its greatest leaders.

Cyclops was a mutant whose life didn’t look very good once his powers manifested. He couldn’t control them and his life wasn’t the best. However, Xavier found it and it changed his life. Cyclops became one of the greatest heroes in history, an accomplished leader, and a skilled combatant. He even rivaled Captain America as the leader.

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While he made mistakes over the years, the world would be a very different place without Cyclops – his expert leadership and training skills have given the world many great heroes who otherwise would not have been so good. Without Cyclops and his abilities, many people would have died who otherwise would not have.

3 They have prevented many villains from destroying the world

The X-Men face many threats, be they human or mutant. However, regardless of what kind of threat they were, they set out to make the world a worse place. The X-Men always stepped up and saved the day, however, by stopping all manner of evil from devouring the world.

While the world may hate and fear them, the X-Men have stood their ground, defending it from evil mutants, humans or aliens. Without his intervention, the world would have been destroyed many times. Humans may hate them, but without the X-Men, there would be nothing.

two They were able to nullify Magneto’s threat


Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants ever born and if he wanted to, he could end civilization as the world knows it with one thought. His anti-human beliefs can be quite extreme, but he cares about mutants and doesn’t want what happened to them, what happened to him as a child in Auschwitz. As bad as it can be, it can be noble.

In recent years, Magneto has joined the X-Men, giving up his most extreme beliefs to help his people more. This has improved the lives of many simply because Magneto is not trying to kill them.

1 In the real world, marginalized people have found strength thanks to the X-Men

X-Men Legends Feature 2

The X-Men were created as an allegory for civil rights and have lived up to that over the years. More than any other superhero concept, the X-Men have always focused on diversity. His example has empowered millions of people, as the X-Men’s core message is not just about fighting evil, but also acceptance.

The X-Men exist to show people that being different is okay, that hating others is wrong. This is a very important message and it is one that no other superhero team does as well as them. The X-Men have given all kinds of underserved people the strength to overcome their struggles.

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