Cassandra Coleman was a very popular contestant on American Idol. Learn fun facts about her singing style and what she does when she’s not acting.

Cassandra Coleman was a contestant on american idol season 19, and we have some trivia about his life, Instagram, and more. This 24-year-old is from Columbia, Tennessee and works as a cafeteria manager. He auditioned in Los Angeles, California singing “The Way it Was” by The Killers and “Apologize” by OneRepublic, which he performed on piano. In reaction, Lionel Richie said his performance was “As angelic as it’s going to get” and got a yes from all three judges.

As of this writing, Cassandra Coleman already has more than 72,000 followers on her Instagram account. @cassandracolemanmusic. In Cassandra’s profile, His biography includes the biblical verse Romans 1:16 and a quote that reads: “I would hug you 100% if I could.” Her first singing video was posted in October 2020, where she sang “Weakness” by Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella. Since then, she has uploaded numerous videos of herself singing. On January 14, Cassandra shared her first american idol-Related photo that informs his followers to be attentive to his audition, which would air on Valentine’s Day. Additionally, Cassandra often posts pictures of herself singing, as well as aesthetic photos with cups of coffee or the sunset.

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During her american idol audition, Cassandra Coleman told the judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan that singing in front of people is often out of her comfort zone, and that she even gets nervous when performing for her family. In an Instagram post, Cassandra spoke about her stage fright saying: I have a lot of lost ground to cover, but I am * very * grateful for this opportunity to actively work my way out of my fear and into another chapter of my life. “ She said that her nervousness has limited her to following the music, but once she had the opportunity to audition for american idol, she couldn’t say no. As the season progressed, Cassandra moved into the indie / folk genre and performed songs like Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” Sam Smith’s “Writings On The Wall,” and AURORA’s “Running with Wolves.”

Katy Perry has compared Cassandra Coleman’s singing style to that of Florence Welch, who happens to be one of Cassandra’s favorite singers. He is also heavily influenced by AURORA, Birdy, Bon Iver and other independent musicians. Cassandra describes herself as a dark indie / pop artist, though she said she doesn’t want to specify her style: “Art is something that flows freely from you and I don’t think it should be limited for the sake of consistency.”

According to his officer websiteCassandra’s father was in the military, which caused his family to move very frequently. He has four siblings and they were all homeschooled by his mother. Because Cassandra’s mother loves music, she constantly played tunes like Stevie Nicks and James Taylor, which greatly influenced Cassandra’s musical interests. As a consequence, Cassandra said that it has beenKeeping the beat from two, harmonizing from five and singing from [her] the vocal cords had formed enough to allow [her] to.”

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Cassandra reached the top ten of american idol, where he performed “Go The Distance” by Robert Bart. That week, she and contestants Deshawn Goncalves and Alyssa Wray had received the fewest votes and were sent home. But as he said on Instagram, “This competition was just the beginning. Now is the moment of truth … I’m not going anywhere. Now comes the fun part.”

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