Darth Vader returns on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s show, but it’s the memory of Anakin Skywalker that should really drive the Jedi Master’s story arc.

Hayden Christensen will do his Star Wars returned as Darth Vader, reuniting with Ewan McGregor for the Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries on Disney +, but his role as Anakin should be the center of attention. With the master and apprentice destined to collide once again, it’s intriguing how Vader will influence the spinoff show. However, while the prospect of another outing for the Dark Lord is exciting, it is Anakin who is far more important.

The prequels remain deeply flawed, and one element they struggled with was defining Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship. Their dynamics were inconsistent throughout the trilogy, from considerable frustration to cheesy taunts and mutilations. Star Wars: The Clone Wars It accomplished the considerable feat of improving the prequels and strengthening the bond between Obi-Wan and Anakin, but it’s unlikely that the general public will pick up on these plot developments. Fortunately, the reputation of the prequels has improved over time, and many fans forgave Christensen for his often-ridiculed performance and are now optimistic about his return.

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Directing the focus on Anakin instead of Vader is where Obi-Wan Kenobi can really be successful. Spending nearly a decade in exile offers plenty of time for introspection and what better way to enhance the Jedi Bow than by focusing on its greatest failure. Vader is an iconic villain, but it is the man under the mask who has some emotional connection to Obi-Wan. Through ignorance and anguish, Obi-Wan was implicit in Anakin’s sins, and the miniseries should capitalize on his guilt and not lose himself in Vader’s superficial pleasures.

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Obi Wan tv show Darth Vader rematch

Obi-Wan’s reluctance to kill Anakin allowed Vader to get up, and he must surely be racked with guilt for what happened. Their climactic battle on Mustafar provided both a visual spectacle and a heartbreaking moment for Obi-Wan. Still, he never made a meaningful attempt to save Anakin from fully committing to the dark side. Obi-Wan regarded Anakin as his “brother”, a sentiment that doesn’t ring entirely true with the forced writing of the prequels. The miniseries can remedy this by incorporating flashbacks to fill in the gaps between the films, causing the pair to recall foundational memories of camaraderie while depicting Anakin’s growing conflict with the Jedi Order. This would benefit both characters’ narrative journeys, especially by offering insight into Obi-Wan’s regrets and how they affect his future. One regret that should be addressed is his implicit knowledge of Anakin’s affair with Padmé, who taunts him in The clone Wars Season 7. The subplot could greatly emphasize his love for Anakin, while his effort to turn a blind eye was possibly a gift and a betrayal.

By remaining silent during his friend’s fight, Obi-Wan became guilty of contributing to Anakin’s downfall. Thus, the miniseries could feature Obi-Wan questioning his own belief in Jedi rules. By refusing to intervene, Obi-Wan effectively abandoned Anakin before their fateful duel. Vader, who saw Obi-Wan literally turn his back on him, likely shares these feelings of abandonment. The show should retain its lightsaber battles and focus on Vader’s humanity. Anakin never really left, regardless of what Vader claims. If the series could show his attempts to rid himself of painful memories by eradicating all ties to his past, the story may set up a confrontation that is a battle for Anakin’s soul before Vader fully takes over.

Obi-Wan never tried to save Anakin after the young man became Darth Vader. Perhaps he felt his friend was irredeemable after the Jedi Temple massacre, but this has yet to be explored on screen. The memory of Anakin Skywalker gives Obi-Wan and Vader one more chance to reconcile with their mistakes and expand on who Anakin really was and why he fell to the dark side. Forget Vader: Anakin is more important to Obi-Wan Kenobisuccess while maintaining the potential to fully realize your relationship. Acknowledging Obi-Wan’s failure could lead to Star Wars‘ greatest achievement.

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