The Battlefield 6 reveal trailer is expected to be revealed soon, but the audio leaked ahead of time, teasing things like a rocket launch.

Even if Battlefield 6The long-awaited reveal remains official kept under wraps by EA, the audio of the reveal trailer reportedly leaked in its entirety. Although the leaked audio sounds like a mess of explosions and Michael Bay movie-like set moments, there are a number of key audio tracks that hint at what’s to come, and a couple of items seem to confirm previous rumors and leaks.

The Battlefield 6 The trailer was rumored to be out on May 6, but it never happened. EA doesn’t yet know when the 2021 entry will be revealed, but it is still expected before the end of the month given the editor’s previous comments and the run-up to E3 in June. With that said, there are almost no details yet, so fans are selecting the audio from the trailer that was recently leaked.

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Alleged audio from Battlefield 6 reveal the trailer was posted by the Reddit user WalrusOwner, and was confirmed by the journalist as authentic Tom henderson. That said, it appears to be unfinished, which may be why the dialogue is missing. One notable element that appears in the leaked audio is the sound of a rocket or missile launch towards the end of the minute and a half file. Recently, screenshots of the Battlefield 6 trailer showing a tornado on a rocket launch pad. It’s very possible that the tornado ripped apart the rocket, causing some of the series’ proprietary destruction and warzone mayhem.

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Of course, this could just be a series of noises edited together, but an industry insider has corroborated this. Still, it’s worth taking and topping the laeaks with a grain of salt until EA officially reveals it this year. Battlefield. Regardless, rumors and leaks seem to indicate an unprecedented level of destruction scale pointing to Battlefield 4 the rumors of sequels are possibly true. Having a tornado rampaging across the map causing endless problems for players would be a great way to show what a new generation of Battlefield he is able to. Whether or not there is a narrative reason for such an extreme weather event (such as climate change due to Battlefield 6‘s reported 2030 configuration) is unknown.

EA has its quarterly earnings call on May 11, so the publisher may drop the trailer early next week and start promoting its presence at an EA Play event later this summer. No matter, Battlefield 6 This holiday season is coming up and it should be big business. Not only is EA investing tons of resources and time into the game, but it is also rumored to be coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, which would be a huge achievement for Microsoft.

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