From Bethesda Ancient documents The series has a great deal of lore and history written in its fictional world of Tamriel, much of which appears in the missions and secondary content of Skyrim. Dragons get most of the attention in the main mission and beyond, but their influence and long dominance in the history of Skyrim and the rest of Tamriel is felt in many of the game’s settings.

Thousands of years before the events of Skyrim, the dragons ruled the earth and subjugated all other beings, which the dragons considered inferior. Just below the dragons in their hierarchy were the Dragon Priests, who ruled the inhabitants of Skyrim, carrying out the orders of the dragon lords. Eight dragon priests were worshiped on mainland Skyrim, and five more ruled Solstheim Island to the northwest.

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All but one of From Skyrim The Dragon Priests – Vahlok the Jailer – are in possession of a magical mask, which can be obtained by the Draconids by defeating the Undead Dragon Priests when facing off at their burial sites, many of which are located near the Walls. of Words that teach the player Dragon Screams. . Each skin has special attributes for the player when worn, but some are better than others.

Worst Dragon Priest mask in Skyrim: wooden mask

Wooden Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask

The wooden mask has no statistical value when worn by the player’s Dragonborn character. It is simply a quest item that allows the player to time travel in Bromjunaar Shrine and access the Priest Dragon shrine before it was destroyed. Wearing all eight Dragon Priest masks and placing them in the shrine will award the player the Konahrik mask.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Otar

Skyrim Otar Dragon Priest Mask

While all Dragon Priest Masks in Skyrim they are very useful elements, Otar in particular does some things well, but none of them are excellent. Wearing the Mask of Otar will increase resistance to fire, frost and shock by 30%, a feat most effectively performed by the dragon priest masks found in From Skyrim Dragonborn DLC. The mask was taken from the undead Otar the Fool, a former chieftain who was driven mad by unknown forces. He became a Dragon Priest and used his power to rule with incredible cruelty over his subjects before being locked in his sarcophagus by two heroes, Saerek and Torsten.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Vokun

Skyrim Vokun Dragon Priest Mask

The mask that previously belonged to the Dragon Priest Vokun grants the user a 20% reduction in Magicka’s cost when using Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion magic spells. Similar to Otar, this mask has its benefits, but there are others that are probably more useful for magic use. Skyrim characters.

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Not much is known about the Dragon Priest Vokun, but he was buried in the High Gate Ruins, which are located almost directly west of Dawnstar in Skyrim.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Hevnoraak

Skyrim Hevnoraak Dragon Priest Mask

The mask of Hevnoraak in Skyrim it can be very useful in specific situations, as it makes the user immune to diseases and poisons. These effects may be the result of Dragon Priest Hevnoraak’s attempts to turn into a lich. Hevnoraak apparently feared his own death and obsessively drained his own blood so that it could return to his body after his death. Hevnoraak was also a master of mind control magic and commanded an army of indoctrinated slaves.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Nahkriin

Skyrim Nahkriin Dragon Priest Mask

Wearing the Nahkriin mask will reduce the cost of Restoration and Destruction spells by 20% and will also grant an additional 50 Magicka. Nahkriin was a servant of the mighty dragon Alduin, the main antagonist of Skyrim. Guarding the gate to the Norse afterlife Sovngarde, the player encounters Nahkriin during Skyrimmain search line.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks: Ahzidal, Dukaan, and Zahkriisos

Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks Ahzidal Dukaan and Zahkriisos

Three of the four Dragon Priest Masks found in Solstheim during From Skyrim Dragonborn DLC, these skins do almost the same thing. Ahzidal’s mask will grant 50% resistance to fire damage and increase the user’s fire spell damage by 25%. Similarly, the Dukaan and Zahkriisos skins will do the same for frost damage and shock, respectively.

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There is not much information about the dragon priests Dukaan and Zahkriisos, but Ahzidal occupies a special place in Ancient scrolls story. Before becoming a Dragon Priest, Ahzidal was the first human to master the magical techniques of the elves. He was very ambitious and his lust for power led him to dragon magic and later to the Dragon Priesthood. Ahzidal even explored the Planes of Oblivion in his search for magical power before retreating to Solstheim.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Krosis

Skyrim Krosis Dragon Priest Mask

The Krosis mask is useful for Skyrim players using a combination of stealth and archery; anecdotally, the most popular character in the game. Using Krosis gives the player a 20% increase in Lock, Archery, and Alchemy skills. Instead of being found deep within a tomb like most dragon priest masks, Krosis can be obtained on top of one of the SkyrimThe highest mountains called Shearpoint, where the Dragon Priest Krosis was buried.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Rahgot

Skyrim Rahgot Dragon Priest Mask

Skyrim is a great place full of terrifying monsters. The Rahgot Dragon Priest mask can aid players with travel and combat by granting the user an additional 70 stamina points. The mask has a dark past in the history of Skyrim, even if. Rahgot managed to survive the ancient Dragon War and presided over a group of dragon cultists who lived in hiding high in the mountains. When the cultists were hunted down, Rahgot ordered his subjects to commit mass suicide and buried himself within his temple.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Miraak

Skyrim Miraak Dragon Priest Mask

Miraak’s mask is awarded to the player upon completion of the Dragonborn DLC, and is the final Dragon Priest map on the island of Solstheim. This mask will come in handy for any magic user by granting him an additional 40-70 Magicka depending on the character’s level. The Dragon Priest Miraak is the main antagonist of Dragonborn, and he himself is the first Dragonborn.

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A Daedric prince taught Miraak the power of Dragon Shouts, and he used that knowledge to rebel against the dragons he served. He was eventually defeated by another Dragon Priest, Vahlok, who became Miraak’s jailer and did not possess a mask of his own.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Konahrik

Skyrim Konahrik Dragon Priest Mask

Konahrik is the latest Dragon Priest mask obtainable in mainland Skyrim. Awarded to the player when all other Dragon Priest Masks are placed in their shrine. This mask has a chance to heal the player and damage nearby enemies when the player’s health is low. Due to the special circumstances of the Konahrik acquisition, he does not have a particular Dragon Priest associated with him.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Morokei

Skyrim Morokei Dragon Priest Mask

Morokei is generally the best dragon priest mask for characters with magical inclinations, as it grants double Magicka regeneration. The Dragon Priest wearing the mask also possesses another powerful artifact: the Staff of Magnus. The Dragonborn meets Morokei in Skyrim when the Archmage of the Mages Guild in Winterhold requests that they retrieve Labyrinthian’s staff.

Best Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask – Volsung

Skyrim Volsung Dragon Priest Mask

The most attractive mask for Skyrim players is the mask that previously belonged to Volsung. This Dragon Priest mask grants the user additional load weight, 20% better prices from merchants, and the ability to breathe underwater. Like some other dragon priests, not much is known about Volsung, but fighting his undead form shows that he is a very powerful wielder of magic.

The world of The Ancient scrolls it is full of magical artifacts of all kinds. Each game in the series has arcane mysteries to solve and powerful artifacts to find. Skyrim It excels in this regard as it contains a host of magical elements, such as the Dragon Priest masks, which offer a variety of enhancements for the characters, but also develop the narrative of the game.

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