While it’s usually a long wait between movies from LAIKA Studios, which specializes in beautiful stop-motion animated films with unique storytelling, that doesn’t mean we can’t get new content in the meantime. The studio people behind Link lost we’ve put together a poignant little video just in time for Mother’s Day that brings Coraline, For Norman, Y Kubo and the two strings, reflecting a unique hug between mother and son from each film.

“What makes LAIKA films so wonderfully unique is the different worlds and characters that inhabit them,” said Creative Marketing Lead and creator of this idea. Tim garbutt in a sentence. Garbutt went on to explain that this Mother’s Day video is another way LAIKA can interact with its fans:

“Engaging our fans and continuing to allow opportunities for our characters to speak to our audiences beyond the movies is something our studio is very aware of, especially on social media. While it can be challenging at times to combine or match characters and worlds that are stylistically so distinct, there are some strong thematic elements found in many of LAIKA’s films, one of which is strong family dynamics. ”

You’ll notice in the video that each interaction is a bit different, and Garbutt says it’s no coincidence:

“Each of the heroes (children) in our films has their own peculiarities and personalities. The relationships they have with their own moms in these films are in part a reflection of who they are or can be the catalyst for the missions they undertake in our stories. The moms in our movies represent a wide variety of magical, real and relatable characters that when wrapped in fantasy narratives create unforgettable cinematic moments and relationships. ”

LAIKA behind the scenes

Image via LAIKA

Ultimately, this video is a tribute to mothers around the world, Garbutt said:

“This piece is a tribute to all moms and the love we share for them. Showing some of our main characters sharing a little flash of affection, as only each child’s personality allows, it felt like a wonderful opportunity to look back and celebrate our characters. Affection can come in many ways – the kids and moms in our movies are testament to the different ways we can express it. Sometimes a warm hug, an arm on the shoulder, or an awkward side hug can go a long way in showing how much we love and appreciate the moms in our lives. ”

You can see the full video below, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made, but beyond that, the animators behind each piece provided us with some illuminating comments. Pay close attention and you will see that the animation style for each hug is different as it reflects the different relationships between the characters in these three different movies. In fact, one thing I love about LAIKA is that each movie feels different: the worlds of The Boxtrolls Y Kubo and the two strings It couldn’t be more different, but there is a huge focus on character and story that runs through each film that is clearly LAIKA-esque. That’s why it’s so exciting that the studio is about to dive into live action for the first time.

Phil Dale is the animator behind Coraline and Mom, and explained how he wanted to go back to LAIKA’s roots in terms of animation technique for this particular scene:

“After 15 years, it was fun re-animating these characters. Working with the finest and oldest puppets can be challenging at times, as the materials they are made from age, but they worked wonderfully! The animation style in the studio has come a long way over the years, and in recent movies we’ve used live-action reference videos to help guide our animated performances. We didn’t do that when we did Coraline. So, to honor the style of the film, I wanted to go back to that approach to cheer on Coraline, her mother, and the other mother for the Mother’s Day piece. ”

When it comes to Norman and Sandra from For Norman, entertainer And Alderson I wanted to take the opportunity to condense an entire relationship into one moment:

“It was a great opportunity to try to condense the relationship between Norman and his mother in such a short moment. Sandra has a mother’s unconditional love for Norman, and he returns it, albeit with a touch of awkwardness that made him such an identifiable character in the film. I blocked the shot a couple of times before animating it to get the perfect feeling. It was fun coming back to these characters after so many years away from them. Norman is a great puppet and a joy to cheer on, the key is in his simplicity and size, which means you can handle him without fighting complicated costume or hair. Sandra is trickier with animatable long hair, but even after so many years, the ability to successfully animate it was still there. ”

The Kubo The scene, for its part, embraces the simplicity of a hug as an entertainer. Rachelle lambden explained:

“The love that Kubo and his mother share in essence would be their embrace, where he sinks into the safety of his mother’s quiet and loving arms. A hug, which is a simple memory and that we all long to share with our loved ones at this moment. ”

You can clearly see the passion and artistry in this video, and I can’t wait for a new LAIKA feature film to arrive. Until then, this should stop us.

The full credits for this LAIKA Mother’s Day piece are below.


Image via LAIKA

Entertainers: Rachelle Lambden, Dan Alderson, Phil Dale

Animation Supervisor: Brad Schiff

Animation Coordinator: Matt Thill

Director of Photography: John Ashlee

Camera assistant: Laura Jung

MOCO: Steve Switaj

Gaffer: Ted Jackson, Tyson Carpenter, Bryan Garver

Animation Rigger: Alan Hinton

Librarian RP Face: Joe Reaves and Matt Ellsworth

Puppet Maintenance: Sid Tucker

Assistant Director: Dan Pascall


  • Steve Emerson – Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Dan Brimer – – Visual Effects Production Manager

  • Michael Cordova – Composition Supervisor

  • Timur Khodzhaev – Head of composition

  • James Pina – Paint Lead

  • Todd Gilchirst – Visual Effects Editor

  • Jesselee Kahaloa – Assistant. Production manager

Creative Marketing Assistant: Isi Matasavage

Assistant Creative Director: Yoshie Kurkowski

Creative Director: Tim Garbutt

CMO: Dave Burke

Behind the scenes content:

Videographer / Editor: Steven Wong Jr.

Multimedia Assistant: Spencer Rutledge

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