If it hadn’t been for ‘Dexter’, Stiles wouldn’t have jumped on ‘Riviera!’

Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles in Dexter

Right handed marked quite an important milestone for Julia Stiles. Minus a six-episode run on the children’s mystery series Ghostwriter in the early 90’s Right handed It was her first significant television credit, and yet it paved the way for an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

Stiles joined the show in season 5 as Lumen Pierce, a victim of the Barrel Girl Gang. When Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is in the middle of performing his ritual of killing one of the gang members, Lumen catches him in the act. While the beginning of their relationship is full of doubt and mistrust, they eventually team up with Dexter to help Lumen eliminate his attackers and with Lumen becoming one of the few who know Dexter’s true colors.

Julia Stiles in Riviera

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With season 2 of Riviera kicking off on Ovation TV on Saturday May 8th, Stiles took the time to join us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night to discuss the journey from your earliest credits to Riviera, and of course, that includes Right handed. And it turns out that Right handed In particular, he played a pivotal role in opening Stiles up to television opportunities. Here’s how she put it:

“It was great. It was my first introduction to a cable drama. And I remember back then, cable had just started to be cool and really attractive to actors. I always had this fear that if you sign up for a TV show , which would be like a six-year contract, it will end up being something you didn’t anticipate or something that wasn’t really what you signed on for? and Dexter totally changed his mind about that so then I could do Riviera and feel really confident that I work on a 13 episode drama is really fun work and it can be really rewarding for actors. ”

Michael C. Hall as Dexter

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While one might suspect that joining a successful series at the height of his career comes fraught with pressure and nerves, Stiles insisted that was not the case here:

“Somehow the pressure was reduced because I was not at the head of Dexter. It wasn’t a series regular, but to come and love what they wrote for me and to be able to play that role for a season was really cool and it made me want to do more television. ”

Julia Stiles on Dexter's set

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If you’re looking for more of Stiles, you’ll want to keep an eye out for his episode of Collider Ladies Night coming this weekend. We don’t just talk Right handed Y Riviera, but we also reviewed his classic from the nineties 10 things I hate about you, discussed the fact that she Bourne’s identity character was destined to die in that first movie, I got a sneak peek of what to expect from Orphan continuation, Orphan: First death, and much more!

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