Kelvin Harrison Jr. heads the main cast of Monster on Netflix and stars alongside several big names. This is how you meet actors and actresses.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. heads the Monster Main cast and stars alongside several big names in mainstream film and music. Based on the 1999 novel of the same name by the late Walter Dean Myers, the Netflix movie originally premiered in 2018 and was acquired by the streaming service nearly three years later. Monster It was directed by Anthony Mandler, who is best known as a celebrity photographer, and for making numerous high-profile music videos with pop star Rihanna.

Set in Harlem, Monster follows a 17-year-old student named Steve Harmon (Harrison). Through narration and flashback sequences, the film explains how the film enthusiast and street photographer got acquainted with the young gang members. In the style of the classic Akira Kurosawa movie Rashomon – to which reference is made – Monster explore different perspectives as Steve is charged with murder and undergoes the legal process.

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When Monster First released in January 2018, Kelvin Harrison Jr. was relatively unknown as an actor. Yet over the years since the film’s release, he has established himself as one of the most promising young performers in Hollywood. Mandler’s film has received mixed reviews, but it shows that Harrison is fully capable of holding his own alongside the industry’s top talents. Here’s a complete cast and character guide for Monster, a Netflix movie from 2021.

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Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Steve Harmon

Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Steve Harmon in Monster on Netflix

Kelvin Harrison Jr. stars Monster like Steve Harmon, a 17-year-old Harlem native charged with murder. Harrison Jr. played Luce Edgar in Light and Tyler in Waves. He also appeared as Teddy Greene in Godfather of harlem and Fred Hampton in The Chicago 7 trial.

Jennifer Hudson as Mrs. Harmon

Jennifer Hudson as Mrs. Harmon in Monster on Netflix

Jennifer Hudson co-stars as Mrs. Harmon, Steve’s mother who uses Bible verses to remind him that he can still achieve his goals. Hudson began his career as american idol finalist for season 3 and later did an Oscar-winning performance as Effie White in Dream girls. She appeared as Irene in the Spike Lee movie. Chi-Raq and stars as Aretha Franklin in the 2021 film I respect.

Jeffrey Wright as Mr. Harmon

Jennifer Hudson as Mrs. Harmon in Monster on Netflix

Jeffrey Wright plays Mr. Harmon, Steve’s academic father. Wright won a Golden Globe for his performance in the HBO miniseries Angels in america, and portrays Bernard Lowe on HBO’s Westworld. He also appears as CIA agent Felix Leiter in the James Bond franchise and voices The Watcher in the MCU show. What if?

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Jennifer Ehle as Katherine O’Brien

Jennifer Ehle as Katherine O'Brien in Monster on Netflix

Jennifer Ehle appears as Katherine O’Brien, Steve’s defense attorney. Ehle played Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and prejudice (1995) and played Jessica in Zero thirty dark. She also appeared as Dr. Ally Hextall in Contagion and was originally cast to play Catelyn Stark in game of Thrones before leaving the series for family responsibilities.

Tim Blake Nelson as Leroy Sawicki

Tim Blake Nelson as Leroy Sawicki in Monster on Netflix

Tim Blake Nelson plays Leroy Sawicki, Steve’s film teacher who urges him to be passionate and authentic while pursuing creative interests. Nelson appeared as Delmar O’Donnell in Oh brother, where are you? and the title character in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. He also played Vice President Kirby in Angel has fallen and Wade Tillman / Looking Glass in Watchmen season 1.

Rakim “A $ AP Rocky” Mayers as William King


Rakim Mayers appears as William King, Steve’s neighborhood friend who introduces him to the realities of street life in Harlem. Mayers is a Grammy Award-nominated recording artist who performs under the moniker A $ AP Rocky. He played Dom in the 2015 movie. Drug and appeared as himself in Zoolander 2.

John David Washington as Richard “Bobo” Evans

John David Washington as Richard

John David Washington plays Richard “Bobo” Evans, William’s cousin who is involved in a robbery / murder. Washington played Ron Stallworth in BlacKkKlansman and protagonist in Beginning. He is the son of Denzel Washington and headlined the 2021 Netflix movie Malcolm and Marie with Zendaya Coleman.

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Monster cast and supporting characters

Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Steve Harmon and Nasir

Nasir “Nas” Jones as Raymond “Sunset” Green: Steve’s jail mentor providing advice for life. Nasir Jones is widely recognized as one of the greatest hip-hop lyricists of all time. He played Sincere in Belly and appeared as himself in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Jharrel Jerome as Osvaldo: A 15-year-old gang member who confronts Steve over his photograph. Jharrel Jerome played Korey Wise in When they see us and Smush in the 2021 Netflix movie Concrete cowboy.

Paul Ben-Victor as Anthony Petrocelli: An assistant district attorney prosecuting Steve. Paul Ben-Victor played Florentino in Tombstone and Jose Quesada in Reckless. Fans of The wire you may know him as Spiros “Vondas” Vondopoulos.

Lovie Simone as Renee Pickford: Steve’s love interest. Lovie Simone played the main character in Selah and the swords and portrayed Tabby in The trade: Legacy.

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Monster it’s streaming on Netflix now.

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