Matt reveals what happened in the fantasy suites during his season of The Bachelor. Instead of concentrating on the physical, he had deep conversations.

Matt James is opening up about what happened in the fantasy suites during his season of The Bachelor. The fantasy suites take place after the protagonist has chosen his last three wives. In Matt’s case, those three women were Rachael Kirkconnell, Bri Springs, and Michelle Young. During fantasy suites week, the protagonist has a one-on-one date with each of the last three, which then leads to some time alone in a hotel room. While no one knows what goes on in the fantasy suites, the couple generally use this time to meet off-camera.

Prior to this season of the ABC reality series, viewers of the show had never met or seen Matt in the franchise. However, those who follow former contestants on social media may have recognized him as Tyler Cameron’s best friend. When Matt was announced as The Bachelor, fans were excited to see a new face in the franchise that was new to the experience. Nonetheless, Matt had a lot to learn during his journey as the lead, especially when it came to fantasy suites.

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In an exclusive interview with WSJ Magazine, the 29-year-old talked about what really happened to him and his top three during fantasy suite week. In addition to getting physical, which is implied during a date in the fantasy suite, Matt used the alone time to engage in deeper conversations with the women. “I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I think women appreciated it.“he told the publication, adding:”I learned things about them that I hadn’t gathered, that I don’t think I would have learned if I hadn’t used that time to dig deeper into something that they might not have been comfortable talking about on camera with.. “What was important to Matt was allowing women to understand him on a deeper level so they could decide if Matt is the one for them.

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The former footballer saw his personal journey as baggage and wanted to make sure women wanted to be with someone like him. “If they wanted to be with someone like me, let them have this ‘baggage’ because that’s how I saw it at the beginning., “he continued,”It wasn’t until I felt more comfortable with who I was […] like a black man, like a brother and son, who just became more of my story. “Matt wanted his top three to get to know his true self and not what he was showing on camera. He also talked about how discouraged he was by the fact that the producer was not broadcasting the intimate discussions that women shared on camera. Matt She knows that the journey is about women as well and I was disappointed to see that her stories were no longer the focus of attention.

Matt didn’t want to waste his time off camera with women getting intimate so early in the relationship. Instead, he used the time to get to know women better on a deeper level. The foundation of a healthy relationship is based on honesty and openness, which Matt wanted to establish in the fantasy suites. Matt made the right move; No one should compromise if the two people in a relationship are not on the same page. Maybe that’s why Matt hesitates to confirm his relationship with Rachael.

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