Summer House star Hannah Berner finally issued a lengthy apology for her controversial podcast comments on mental health and self-harm issues.

Warning! This article includes comments from a celebrity on mental health, self-harm, and people with disabilities.

Summer house Star Hannah Berner is finally breaking her silence regarding the backlash over certain insensitive comments she made on her suicide podcast. Hannah issued an extensive statement addressing her poor choice of words and expressing her support for mental health awareness. Her apology comes amid growing public scrutiny over her. “bad girl” behavior on and off the program.

In general, fans of Summer house They are not on Hannah Berner’s side at the moment. The once-a-fan-favorite quickly became a “villain” in season 5 after she was seen arguing with her housemates and then blamed others after they called her about the drama. At the reunion, most of the cast confronted Hannah about the shady things she did on the show, as well as the harsh judgments she put through “jokes “ on your podcasts. With that said, there is one specific comment she made for which she was forced to take responsibility after sponsors began removing her ads from her show. The move resulted in the Bravo star writing a four-paragraph statement acknowledging her wrongdoing and identifying herself as a mental health advocate.

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Weather Summer house Viewers continue to criticize her lack of responsibility, Hannah Berner seemed to take her advice when it came to addressing her callous comments about suicide. “Mental Health Awareness Month is very important to me,Hannah began the statement via an Instagram post (seen below). Hannah spoke about her journey with her podcast Berning in helland how he launched the program with a commitment to “creating a community dedicated to having frank and inclusive conversations about mental health.“The comedian acknowledged the specific comments they called her for, saying she made them.”on a podcast two years ago that makes reference to suicidal ideation and I want to apologize for my insensitivity to such a serious topic. “ She continued, “I consider myself a fierce advocate for mental health awareness and understand that I crossed the line.”

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Amid all the backlash Hannah has been getting, she told her fans “I hear you, and I’m sorry.” The words are what many expected to hear from her during the two parts. Summer house meeting. She had already been reported for making substance abuse allegations on Carl Radke. But to make matters worse, fans unearthed a tacky joke she had told Paige DeSorbo about autism. That being said, so far he has only apologized for his comments on the suicide.

Fans have been criticizing Hannah and adding Paige to the mix because of how much she stood up for Hannah during the Summer house meeting. While Hannah eventually apologized to her former friends, the lack of emotion raised the question of whether Hannah Berner was really sincere in asking for forgiveness.

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