Super Animal Royale, a 64-player battle royale in which anthropomorphic animals kill each other with guns and knives, is coming to PlayStation this year.

PlayStation has its own twisted version of Animal crossing with the announcement this week that Super Animal Royale will arrive later this year. Super Animal Royale is a 64 player battle royale where players turn into animals and shoot each other and head to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. To celebrate the news, the studio released a new trailer to offer a glimpse into the history of the game. play. Yes Animal crossing they were going to join forces with Fortnite, this is probably what it would look like. Super Animal Royale It’s been in Steam Early Access for two years, but now is the time to unleash the madness on consoles.

The 2D Super Animal Royale presents a top-down third-person perspective. Players control genetically modified anthropomorphic animals that fight to become the last creature standing. The more players participate, the more animal DNA they receive to change the color and species of their characters. Also, there are possibilities to collect various cosmetic items. Players enter the arena in an eagle-shaped flying vehicle, much like Fortnitebattle bus, and parachute onto a huge map with different themed areas. Weapons can be found scattered all over the island for players to collect. During each match, a deadly gas will slowly enter the battlefield to force players to fight each other in closer spaces.

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What happened to these adorable animals to make them so thirsty for blood? A new Super Animal Royale trailer of Play station showed a group of animals singing on the stage of a theme park called Super Animal World before they suddenly turned violent. The video featured some of the weapons in the game, including a machine gun, katana, pistol, and hand grenade. Players can even use hamster balls to run over other animals and stay protected.

in a PlayStation Blog post, publisher Modus Games revealed that the Super Animal World animals rebelled against the Super Animal World corporation during a performance one day. The violent “incident“It forever changed the theme park. Now, instead of singing, dancing, telling jokes and cooking, the SuperAnimals entertain themselves by fighting each other to the death. Is this what would happen if the Animal crossing Did the villagers rebel against Tom Nook’s capitalist antics?

Super Animal Royale can give Fortnite a run for your money. The game puts a fun but totally terrifying twist on the typical battle royale style. With 64 players in total for each match, the game is sure to be endless competitive fun. Battle Royale fans will have to check it out Super Animal Royale when it hits PS4 and PS5 later this year.

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