Ed’s creepy video appeared online in which he is fondling a young woman. Check out the video that gave off “predator vibes” to many fans.

A lots of 90 days: the single life Viewers may know that Big Ed and Liz broke up, but now he’s with a new woman. The San Diego native is now partying with someone else, who also appears to be quite a bit younger than him. After two failed marriages, Liz gave love another chance and ended up dating a man 28 years his senior. Contrary to what many fans believe, Liz said that she was genuinely in love with Ed and was looking forward to a future with him. She described her new man as charming and charismatic and also introduced him to her 7-year-old daughter.

However, a few days ago, the single mother announced her breakup with Ed on Instagram. Liz claimed that after the failed meeting with Ed’s daughter Tiffany in Las Vegas, she had a heated argument with him. He left the room and Liz thought he was booking his flight to San Diego. He also booked a flight, but later learned that Ed’s call didn’t come through. After she left, Ed apparently wasn’t hurt or heartbroken. In fact, the 28-year-old restaurant manager claimed he was enjoying his time in Las Vegas, partying with Tiffany and her friends.

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While talking to his best friend Lily, Ed said he loves Liz more than he ever loved his ex Rosemarie Vega. But it seems his feelings weren’t strong enough because he’s already partying and he’s getting comfortable with a new woman. A fan page posted a video of Ed hugging a beautiful young woman. In the video (via @ 187anonymousgossipp), he also talked about the qualities he looks for in his next girlfriend. The 56-year-old man wants a 35-year-old Asian woman, possibly a nurse, who is loving and caring.

While hugging a woman in the “creepy“video, Ed said his next girlfriend should have a”yoga b * tt.“He spoiled her, bought her a house and a car and took care of her. Many 90 day fiancé fans think Ed is broadcasting “predator vibes” in this clip. Some fans also seem concerned about the woman in the video because she is drunk, and Ed had been accused of sexual assault by his former colleague. Previously, he was also swept away by his predatory behavior with Rose. Some fans think Ed got her drunk so he could take advantage of her.

Still, fans had some hope for Ed this time around because he seemed deeply in love with Liz and called her his “muse. “He was also receiving therapy and working on his physical health. Ed and Liz made many viewers believe in their relationship. But it is disheartening to see that they are no longer together, and the former photographer is already thinking about his next girlfriend. At the same time, some fans believe that Liz wasn’t in love with Ed either. The newest 90 days: the single life celeb was leading him to become a semi-celebrity.

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Fountain: @ 187anonymousgossipp

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