Yara, a 90-day fiancee, now loves Cajun cuisine and recently shared a video on social media of her father-in-law serving a boiled shrimp dinner.

Zaya children of 90 day fiancé She was once skeptical of America, but has been embracing her new home, most recently with a good old-fashioned Louisiana Shrimp Boil. There was a time when 90 day fiancé fans thought Jovi’s friends and family were mean to Yara; However, they have since reached out to the sassy Ukrainian and are happy to introduce her to life in the swamp. Yara has learned to appreciate the help she receives from her husband’s family, especially when that help is delicious food.

When Yara first arrived in the United States, her then-fiancé’s parents were skeptical about the 90 day fiancé star and what were her intentions to be with her son. They initially accepted the stereotypes about Ukrainian women and were concerned that she only wanted to marry Jovi to get a green card. But over time, they have gotten to know Yara and have embraced her as part of the family. Although Yara was not a fan of her new home at first, she has grown to love Louisiana and its cuisine ever since.

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Wound She recently shared clips on her Instagram story of her spending time at Jovi’s parents’ house. He laughed while filming raccoons walking on the roof, showed the beautiful Louisiana sunset, and shared a video of his father-in-law Monty cooking boiled shrimp. “My dinner, Monty will show y’all how to boil shrimp“Yara commented, using”all of youLike a true southerner. Monty may not be 90 day fiancé the biological father of star Jovi, but he’s the one who raised Jovi, and that’s all that matters. In the video, Monty showed off his culinary skills and demonstrated how to make an authentic (and delicious) shrimp boil.

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In a special shrimp boil pot, Monty boiled onions, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and smoked sausage with a broth containing shrimp boil seasoning, lemon juice, and lots of garlic. (He noted that shrimp boils usually contain corn, but his grocery store was out of stock.) After 20 minutes, he removed the “Additional features,”She added more seasonings to the broth and then boiled the shrimp for four minutes. After four minutes, he added more salt to the broth and let the shrimp rest for another five minutes off the heat. Then it was time to strain the shrimp, mix it with the veggies and sausage, and enjoy.

When Yara first came to the United States and met Jovi’s parents, the 90 day fiancé The star didn’t like Cajun food, so it’s great to see her embrace the kitchen of her new home. Even without the corn, Monty’s shrimp boil looks delicious, and Yara is fortunate to receive a personal masterclass on the art of shrimp boils. 90 day fiancéYara may have been dubious about Louisiana and her in-laws at first, but now she’s grateful for their help, as long as they’re not too pushy about it.

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Fountain: Yara Zaya / Instagram

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