Taking a look at the Normandy, Shepard’s iconic ship from the Mass Effect series, and the many changes it goes through over the course of the trilogy.

The Massive effect trilogy is a series that evolves with each game, bringing new games, characters, and locations with each addition to the franchise. Given all of these ever-changing elements, players will most likely not be surprised to discover that Normandy, Shepard’s spaceship, goes through some significant and unique enhancements to the original three. Massive effect games too.

Players start with Normandy in Massive effect, and while the ship undergoes some model upgrades, crew changes, and repaints for the remainder of the series, the heart of Normandy remains the same. Some fans argue that Normandy is as iconic as Shepard, given his importance and prominence throughout all three games.

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While some changes in Mass Effect’s Normandy are important, such as the complete rebuild and remodel that are presented to the players in Mass effect 2Others are small and largely cosmetic. Each of these changes, however, contributes to the evolution of the appearance and identity of Normandy in the Massive effect series, which can drastically affect the way players feel while on board the ship.

How Normandy changes throughout Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3

The original Massive effectThe Normandy is pretty basic, with only three floors: a command platform, rooms, and engineering and storage. There aren’t many rooms for players to enter and furnishings are scarce – the ship feels less inhabited than it would in later series. At the beginning of Mass effect 2, the Normandy SR-1 is completely destroyed, and Cerberus builds a successor for Shepard to continue his efforts against the Collectors.

The new Normandy has five decks, although only four are regularly accessible to players, and each deck features several individual rooms where crew members can be found throughout the game. Not only does this make the ship feel more personal for Shepard and the crew, it also gives players more reason to fully explore Normandy while learning where each character tends to locate. Mass effect 2 Normandy SR-2 also has many more interactive features, including research and technology labs and an arsenal.

On Mass effect 3, the overall design of the Normandy SR-2 remains intact, with some slight changes. Deck five is now repurposed into a transport bay, which features a procurement terminal through which players can purchase items from various retailers throughout the game. Weapon and armor mods have also been moved to this bay. The second deck has also been repurposed into a combat information hub, making it easier for players to manage and track war efforts, as well as their progress and galactic readiness.

Normandy changes throughout the Massive effect series from a small spy ship, to a functional living space, to a flying combat information center, evolving to suit the player’s needs and the changing tone and focus of the games as the trilogy progresses. This is the most likely reason why many fans consider Normandy an integral part of the Massive effect experience.

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