Superman is feeling the tension after the tragic collapse of the Justice League. Fortunately, DC’s Trinity is headed for one last trip.

Warning: Contains a preview of Justice League: Last Voyage # 1!

The League of Justice is made up of DC Comics greatest heroes, led by iconic crime fighters Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. But the recent Future State: Justice League # 1 He warned fans that the team’s days were numbered, as its inflated membership leads to an unexpected betrayal, costing several heroes their lives. Now, DC is ready to reveal exactly what happened in Justice League: Last Voyage, which picks up shortly after the team’s destruction, and sees DC’s Trinity reluctantly working together on one last case.

There is much to learn, from the identity of the traitor and the full extent of his betrayal, to exactly how close teammates such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman reached a stage where they could no longer work together. Justice League: Last Voyage – by Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonça and Enrica Angiolini – promises to tell that story through what came next, using the final team of Trinity heroes to look back on an event that, thus far, is still lurking. in the near future of DC’s current timeline.

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In a preview of Dc comics, the comic begins with Superman, as his traditional acts of heroism overlap with a monologue by Lois Lane noting that his usual duties are clearly getting to him, especially since he seems to be trying to keep the world safe for himself. Clark protests that he is fine, but Lois accuses him of lying while the two fall asleep. Of course, the other DC heroes are still in the world, but with the problem increasing after the collapse of the League, it seems that the lack of communication has left Superman on the edge, feeling like he has to address all the problems of the world Vomita . Lois assures Superman that he is not alone, but it is clear that, in many ways, that is no longer true. Enjoy the pages and problem summary below:

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Once, the Justice League was the most powerful collection of superheroes in the universe. But an unthinkable tragedy within their ranks has caused Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to part ways, leaving the League broken and dissolved under a veil of anger and mistrust. Now, in the context of the largest murder trial in the universe, can the League reconcile the past before they are eradicated by the greatest villains in the cosmos?

Justice League Last Ride Superman Batman Wonder Woman

Justice League Last Ride 1 preview variant cover superman batman wonder woman flash green lantern

Justice League Last Ride Preview page 1 superman

Justice League Last Ride 1 preview page 2 Superman

Justice League Last Ride 1 preview page 3 superman

Weather Future State: Justice League made it clear that the League was abandoned in part out of respect for the victims of a member’s mysterious betrayal, Justice League: Last Voyage clarifies that the damage done extends to the relationship between the heroes of the DC trinity, with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman now struggling to work together. It’s an amazing development, and one that DC promises is just the beginning of a shocking series of events worthy of the downfall of its best team.

Sadly, it looks like the adventure will start with Superman Overloaded with work and worried about the future, as the most powerful man on Earth feels the strain of protecting his adopted planet without the support of his disguised allies. It seems that the story of the Justice League’s final mission will ironically offer the best examples of why the team has been a vital presence for so many years, as well as examining the cracks that appear when the Man of Steel loses endorsement. -one really believed that he needed. Justice League: Last Voyage hits physical and digital retailers on May 11.

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