WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 7, “Match 3,” which is now airing on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

My hero academia he slows down in Episode 7 to focus on the family as the third clash between Classes A and B begins. Although Izuku Midoriya has been predominantly a spectator while watching matches, he connects with All Might, who offers him words of warning.

The main focus of episode 7 is divided between Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida. Throughout the history of My hero academia So far, both Todoroki and Iida have experienced their own family struggles. However, with the reputation of Class A at stake, they will have to step up and show their individual growth.

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The aftermath of the second match results in a break while the mess is cleaned up. All Might takes this opportunity to connect with Midoriya, checking to see if he has experienced any further anomalies with One For All and to give him a warning. Midoriya’s fight against Shinso will begin soon and could have unforeseen effects on One for All. After all, the last time they fought was when the vestiges of the former users manifested for the first time.

Bakugo notices that the two are talking and sarcastically tells them that if they want to keep their relationship a secret, they are doing a lousy job. But of course Bakugo is right. His classmates, like Uraraka, are noticing that Midoriya and All Might are close. Still, after hearing One For All’s spontaneous activation, Bakugo tells Midoriya that he can’t tell if he’s moving forward or backward, which All Might interprets as very cautious praise.

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Shoto Todoroki in Hero License Exam

As the third match prepares to begin, Tokoyami takes Todoroki aside. He regrets his lackluster performance, explaining that Todoroki has to do better than him as they are associated with Endeavor and Hawks, the respective number 1 and 2 heroes. Todoroki naturally has mixed feelings about this, recalling his highly abusive childhood ‘training’ of his father. Todoroki knows that his father’s reputation is important, and that he is looking to change, but it takes more than that to forget a lifetime of abuse. Still, he vows to do his best.

The Class A team seems confident ahead of their match, with Iida looking especially vivacious. He mentions that his older brother is doing much better, recovering from his injuries at the hands of Stain. Since Iida took his brother’s hero name, Ingenium, he plans to live up to his legacy. On the other hand, the B-Class team is feeling much more apprehensive. They are aware of how well trained their opposing team is, and Tetsutetsu’s reaction is to start destroying the environment around them.

Before the match starts, we cut a villain running through town that Endeavor finally captures. The hero’s path to correcting his previous mistakes is moving slowly, and it’s clear that Endeavor is learning what it means to be Number 1, briefly asking a few children he saved if they are okay. Still, he’s not trying to be something he’s not, he’s still very bare-bones, but showing even a modicum of care for his fans is an improvement. It’s also clear how desperately Endeavor is trying to reconcile with Todoroki. His phone is full of unanswered text messages, something his colleagues comment wryly.

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Back at the training ground, the competition begins. Despite the combination of Todoroki’s sheer power, Iida’s speed, Shoji’s scouting skills, and Ojiro’s melee combat skills, Class B stands firm. While concentrating on Tetsutetsu’s savage attacks on the environment, Todoroki unleashes a massive blast of ice, quickly capturing his opponents. Unfortunately, Iida mistakenly thinks they have him in the bag, but he sinks to the ground while trying to rush into action.

Honenuki reveals her Quirk Softener, where everything she touches develops a smooth, mud-like consistency. This immediately begins to wreak havoc on the Class A team when their attempts to maneuver around the site find them sinking into the mud. It quickly becomes apparent that Honenuki has a strong tactical mind and is already two steps ahead of the Class A team.

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The other members of the Class B team take advantage of the chaos. Ojiro faces off against Kaibara, whose Gyrate Quirk allows him to quickly turn any part of his body like a drill. This gives Kaibara’s physical attacks devastating power, and presses his advantage against the martial artist Ojiro. Meanwhile, Shoji is immobilized by Tsunotori’s horns, which she can throw and control, and Todoroki finds himself in Tetsutetsu’s hands.

Iida struggles in the mud, while Honenuki comments on Recipro Burst’s restrictive time limit that was shown during the Sports Festival. However, a flashback to Iida’s conversation with his older brother Tensei reveals an old family secret to improving their Quirks. Iida can “tune up his engine” by physically removing the mufflers from his calves. The experience is incredibly painful, but it allows you to use your Recipro Burst at higher speeds for longer.

Iida makes the most of her new ability, sped forward towards Honenuki and reveals that she can now use her Recipro Burst for a full 10 minutes, instead of 10 seconds. As long as it is within that time limit, no one can touch it. It’s a huge leap forward for Iida and as it progresses the episode comes to an end.

The battle is just beginning between Iida and Honenuki and Todoroki will probably still have a great influence on this swing of this match. But, as Midoriya previously commented, everyone’s Quirks are rapidly advancing, and these matchups are pushing Class A and B to their limits and beyond, Plus Ultra indeed.

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