Big Brother alum Elena Davies is finally heading home after being hospitalized for nearly two weeks. He received emergency neck and spine surgery.

Eldest brother Student Elena Davies has returned home from the hospital after emergency surgery on her neck and spine. Elena was initially taken to the hospital on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, when she woke up with severe pain that ran from her left shoulder to the tips of her fingers. After spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, Elena was finally released.

Since she was taken to the hospital, both Elena and her mother have been posting updates on Instagram for Elena to be great. Eldest brother Followers of social networks could be aware of the state of your health. For the first few days after the extreme pain began, Elena was in and out of the hospital, as the doctors could not find a cause. Elena was also unable to remain still long enough to receive MRI images. Doctors eventually had to give Elena anesthesia to take the images.

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After the MRI, the doctors were finally able to locate the underlying cause behind Eldest brother the severe and unknown pain of the student Elena. Now, after two weeks in the hospital with severe pain and emergency neck and spine surgery, he is finally heading home. Elena She took to Instagram early Saturday morning to share the exciting news that she was finally released from the hospital. In the long caption, Elena explained that the doctor had told her that she had the “Larger, bulging herniated disc in a cervical spine“That he has seen in the last 30 years of his medical career. In typical Elena fashion, she turned the rather serious matter into a comical one, jokingly”,Couldn’t I have had a discreet herniated disc …? Did he really have to do it Ripley’s style, believe it or not !?“Elena posted a series of photos and videos, including one of her in a wheelchair surrounded by balloons and stuffed animals, and headed home. Among the photos was a close-up of her new scar located on the front of her neck.

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Elena is currently in a brace and will have a long road to recovery over the next six to eight weeks. Due to the amount of pain she was in, as well as the medications she was given to relieve the pain, Elena does not remember much from the past two weeks. He explained that while some memories are quite vivid, he does not have any memories of others. Despite not remembering everything completely, Elena is extremely grateful for all the kind words, messages, and gifts sent to her by friends, family, and even fans. Numerous companions Eldest brother Alumni were found in the comment section of the post, sharing the excitement of their release from the hospital. Future father and ex Eldest brother contestant Nick Maccarone couldn’t help but laugh at Elena’s use of comedy in her post, writing “Ripley’s line, believe it or not, sent me.

Surely the last few weeks have not been easy for Elena; your next recovery time won’t be easy either. However the Eldest brother Alum knows how to stay in a good mood, always managing to bring a little comedy to such difficult times. Everyone is sending good wishes to Elena as she heads towards recovery.

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