Set in a cuneiform punk world of synthetic waves, Paradise Killer takes the mysteries out of their usual linear flow for an open world game like no other.

Players seeking mystery stories have often relied on adventure games, with their linear movement and heavy narratives, to get past them. But just because a good detective story is harder to tell in other formats doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. Killer of paradise is a perfect example of a successful mystery that relies on non-linear progression in an open world to tell a compelling story.

Killer of paradise is an open world mystery game from the developers Kaizen Game Works. Players emerge from exile to uncover the truth behind a series of gruesome murders right on the eve of the world’s willful destruction. Unlike most mystery adventure games, there is no linear narrative to follow. Witnesses and suspects are scattered throughout the community, but players can explore the world however they like, looking for clues along the way.

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This open world look makes Killer of paradise a mystery game like no other. Many mysteries are based on meticulous programming when players obtain certain information or on an in-depth search of small areas. Killer of paradise opens the scene to the player, giving them the opportunity to explore everything in the order they choose. To make this open play style and necessary world exploration work, the environment is also filled with smaller tasks and tons of cool items to make every moment interesting.

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The most unique part of Killer of paradiseYet it is his synthwave, cuneif0rm-punk world. The fastest aesthetics permeates every fiber of Killer of paradisestrange world, from artifacts scattered across the landscape to larger-than-life characters and the sky itself. To add to the familiar vibrant colors, there are tablets inscribed in the cuneiform script of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern hieroglyphics. Adjacent to an industrial complex from the 1980s is a large-scale pyramid or lamassu from the palace of Sargon II, and the walls are dotted with art and reliefs from these ancient cultures.

This curious mix of a recent synthetic past and an ancient Earth history hides the secret behind the world of Killer of paradise: is rare. Players get closer to the story behind the world incrementally, with tantalizing blobs of knowledge that only make it seem less understandable. The origins of the characters sound familiar, but the relationship between the characters, their protector gods, and the cunning demons is not that straightforward. Neither is the relationship these characters have with death: the death of human citizens and the death of worlds.

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Against this cosmically strange and utterly beautiful backdrop, Killer of paradise invites players to delve into a macabre mystery for a completely unique experience. Players used to open world games like Zelda or Ancient scrolls The franchises will find familiar mechanics but a very different narrative and those more familiar with adventure games will experience their stories presented in a whole new style.

Yes Killer of paradise just delivered in its weird but cool aesthetic, it would still be worth playing. But by integrating it into an unfamiliar open world game style, Killer of paradise has created something truly new and wonderful, and it should definitely be everyone’s next open world game.

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