Netflix premieres the trailer for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, the two-part film that will hit the streaming service next month.

Netflix has released the trailer for the two parts. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal movie. The next installment of Sailor Moon Crystal saga released in Japanese theaters earlier this year. In a pleasant surprise last month, Netflix announced that it will stream both Sailor moon movies in June.

Sailor Moon Crystal debuted as an anime series in 2014. It should be noted that it is a re-adaptation of the manga, but this time in a more faithful way. Although the original Sailor moon The anime is iconic, it was not a completely accurate adaptation of the original material. Sailor Moon Crystal’s The first season covered the formation of the explorers and culminated with a battle against Queen Metaria. Season 2 covered the “Black Moon” arc, featuring Chibiusa and putting on a big climax against Death Phantom. Season 3 is the most recent and covers the “Dearth Busters” arc. Interestingly, instead of a season 4, the “Dream” arc from the manga It was advertised as a two-part film adaptation.

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Soon, Sailor moon fans from all over the world will be able to witness the arrival of Dead Moon Circus. Netflix has launched the Eternal Moon Sailor trailer, joking about some big things fans can look forward to. From Sailor Saturn’s return to what appears to be a major showdown against Queen Nehelenia, check out the exciting trailer below!

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The “Dream” arc was adapted in the original anime as Sailor Moon SuperS. Not everyone in the Sailor moon The fanbase loved that season. It will be interesting to see a more faithful adaptation of the manga’s story. Based on the images, it certainly looks promising. Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 featured particularly impressive action and animation scenes. If he Eternal Moon Sailor movies continue that, fans should be in luck.

Some may have been surprised that Sailor Moon Crystal it continued as a two-part movie rather than another season. With how successful Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Maybe the future of long-running manga adaptations could get some movies instead of the traditional seasonal format. In order to Sailor moon, it might be a good idea to adapt the final arc of the series, “Stars”, also as a film. The arc featured perhaps the most remarkable story of all, featuring Sailor Galaxia. A theatrical quality take on Sailor Galaxia destroying a planet would be a spectacle. For now, fans will have to wait and see from a Sailor Moon Crystal The adaptation of “Stars” has not been confirmed. Hopefully after Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal international releases, an announcement will come for what will likely be the Sailor Moon Crystal story.

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