Clearly, SpongeBob is one of the sweetest characters on all of television. This is one of the main reasons this legendary cartoon has been in production for over 20 years. There’s no end in sight either, as the franchise is even creating spinoffs from it as well. Although SpongeBob as a character has seen some serious changes over the years, with his childlike personality and continued optimism they have never faded. However, there are times on the show where he understandably gets sad, as he is also a sensitive soul.

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However, as he is a character that the audience will always support, it is difficult to see him upset. In fact, it’s fair to argue that SpongeBob goes through a lot of tough times on the show. These specific circumstances are the ones that fans remember most often, as they tend to put SpongeBob in very difficult situations.

No one wants to see the world’s most popular sponge cry and fight, so it’s easy enough to empathize with him.

10 When Gary runs away from him

Spongebob sad about Gary's escape

When SpongeBob gets too focused on his new paddle tennis game Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, he neglects Gary. After not feeding him for days, Gary ends up running away and leaves a sad note.

Although SpongeBob certainly deserves the blame that Gary is gone, it’s hard not to feel some kind of sympathy for him when he cries throughout the episode. The flashback moments between the pair also add to the melancholy of the episode. Fortunately, SpongeBob accepts responsibility and finally finds it.

9 When nematodes drink your house

Nematodes drinking SpongeBob's house

When a group of nematodes wreak havoc on Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob is perhaps the biggest victim of all. This is because they drink the juice from their pineapple house, which makes it disappear completely.

As a result of this, SpongeBob is now homeless, which means he has to stay briefly at Patrick’s. However, after realizing that this living arrangement would not work, he decides to return to his parents’ house, which is why he is very upset. Fortunately, however, her tears helped to regain her home.

8 When Flats intimidate him

Spongebob and Flats talking

When Flats joins Ms. Puff’s boating school class, SpongeBob immediately introduces himself in a very friendly way and tries to be her friend. However, it turns out to be the wrong decision on his part, as Flats tells him that he is going to kick his butt.

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After this happens, SpongeBob goes through the entire episode in immense fear, as Flats is quite an intimidating figure. Ms. Puff even escalates the situation by using the name SpongeBob when addressing the situation. However, once Flats tries to hit him, SpongeBob thankfully doesn’t feel a thing due to his sponge body. Still, it was horrible watching SpongeBob’s immense fear grow.

7 When Bubble Bass lies about the pickles

Bubble Bass showing SpongeBob who forgot the pickles

Bubble Bass is a very difficult customer, who sees SpongeBob get competitive with him when he does his Krabby Patty. However, Bubble Bass gloats when SpongeBob forgets to put pickles on him. This causes great stress to SpongeBob, and he even completely forgets how to make the burger.

SpongeBob loses total confidence in himself and even stops going to work. When you remember how to make the recipe again, Bubble Bass tries to say that you forgot the pickles again. However, SpongeBob discovers that he has been hiding them under his tongue. While everyone was relieved to see SpongeBob’s confidence regain, it was still hard not to feel bad for SpongeBob before this.

6 When Mr. Krabs bets his contract on poker

Spongebob singing this grill is not a home

SpongeBob loves working for the Krabby Crustacean more than anything in the world. Therefore, his heart is completely broken when Mr. Krabs bets his contract in a poker game with Plankton and loses. Therefore, SpongeBob now needs to work on Chum Bucket and he hates every second.

He is especially sad when he sings “This Grill Is Not A Home” with Mr. Krabs and cries immediately afterward. It’s just another example of SpongeBob feeling the negative impact of Mr. Krabs greed.

5 When Squidward plays a cruel prank on the innocent

Cruel Spongebob April Fools joke

SpongeBob loves April Fools’ Day and makes a ton of little pranks on the people in the Krabby Krab. Although SpongeBob is having fun and laughing, Squidward gets quite mad at him and decides to play one on him out of spite.

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However, Squidward takes him too far, as he ties SpongeBob with a rope. This ends up pulling him and putting him in extreme danger as he hits the walls and ceiling multiple times. Squidward then catches him with the garbage barrel and calls him a little sausage, prompting SpongeBob to run away and cry.

4 When you think it’s ugly

Spongebob thinking he's ugly

When SpongeBob runs out of ice cream, he decides to make ice cream with tomato sauce, onions, and a houseplant. This causes him to have a terrible breath, which ends up scaring the citizens of Bikini Bottom.

However, SpongeBob gets the impression that he is ugly and becomes extremely sad. She spends the entire episode crying over this false belief, and it doesn’t help that Patrick is the one pushing this theory. Fortunately, she realizes it’s actually her breath after Patrick eats the ice cream too, but it was horrible to see her self-esteem at an all-time low.

3 When Sandy gets him fired

SpongeBob and Sandy get caught playing karate

When SpongeBob and Sandy, the newest karate hobby in karate, becomes a distraction for SpongeBob as he works, Mr. Krabs tells him that he must stop or he will be fired. However, the couple have a hard time stopping their favorite hobby.

While having a picnic, Sandy can no longer contain himself and karate cuts SpongeBob short. This leads the pair to fight again, but Mr. Krabs surprises them by doing so. Hence, this leads to SpongeBob getting fired. It’s hard for the audience not to feel bad for him as he cries and runs around while doing it.

two When Patrick gets too smart to be his friend

Patrick as a genius

After falling off a cliff chasing a jellyfish, Patrick loses the top of his head. When SpongeBob returns it to him, Patrick suddenly turns into a genius. However, this ends up being a bad thing, as it causes Patrick to part ways with SpongeBob.

The two best friends are no longer related to each other, leading Patrick to think that it is better for them to stop being friends. This ultimately breaks SpongeBob’s heart. However, once they discover that the top of his head is actually brain coral, Patrick immediately decides to change it for the old one. Hence, the two become friends once again.

1 When Squidward gets fired

Spongebob and Squidward about to go on strike

When Mr. Krabs starts billing Squidward and SpongeBob for unreasonable things, like breathing and standing, Squidward convinces SpongeBob to go on strike with him.

SpongeBob doesn’t know what a hit means, but he gladly joins Squidward to spend more time with him. However, this leads to SpongeBob being fired when he tells Mr. Krabs about it. He then cries, leading viewers to feel a wave of sympathy for him because he loves working for the Krusty Krab.

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