Warzone developer Raven Software has improved some weapons in an attempt to increase kill time and focus on individual player ability.

Raven Software, developer of Call of Duty: War Zone, he’s shifting his focus to increasing the game’s time to kill (TTK), or the amount of time it takes to reduce an opponent’s health to zero. Throughout the life of the game, the trend that players have seen is that newer and more powerful weapons have been added to the game and older weapons have generally been upgraded to remain competitive. This was especially noticeable when Black Ops Cold War weapons were integrated into War zone, during which time the new weapons easily outperformed their Modern war counterparts. Since then, older weapons have received damage and range increases to keep them viable.

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On paper, this makes sense; It wouldn’t be particularly exciting if new weapons were introduced that were weaker than the old ones. However, the problem lies in the fact that the health reserves of the players have always been the same. This inevitably means that eventually the weapons in the game will become so powerful that players will barely have time to react to an attack before their character is killed. This is not an issue when it comes to things like sniper rifle headshots, which have always been one hit kills, but it becomes one when assault rifles can kill players almost with the same speed.

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In your recent patch notes, Cuervo Software write that you have made changes “to increase TTK or at least the individual skill required to reach the extremes. “In practice, this means that weapons like the CR-56 AMAX, FARA 83 and Bullfrog have slightly reduced their damage values ​​and range. In the case of the Streetsweeper shotgun, the recoil and extension of the shotgun has been increased. hip, and aiming speed has also been slightly reduced. Raven also made a point to specify that in the case of weapons like the AMAX, the fastest maximum TTK remains the same, but will require more skill to achieve.

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This news will likely be seen as a step in the right direction for War zone fans. Throughout the game’s lifespan thus far, many have noted that they feel at a disadvantage if they don’t stick to the current goal of the game. This meta has changed quite frequently over the past year and has seen gamers gravitate towards the M4, the Grau, the FFAR, the MAC-10, etc. In general, these weapons have been scaled down accordingly, but the pattern has always continued. This recent patch is a rare case where Raven nerfs multiple powerful weapons at once and a good indication that the developer is finally taking a more proactive approach to balancing the game.

In the future, it’s possible, if not likely, that another weapon will soon rise to the top and become the new option for a fast TTK. That said, by ensuring that faster TTKs can still be achieved with the same weapons but with more skill, War zone Less skilled players are likely to get a bit more experimental. Ideally, War zone It will eventually become a game where all weapons are equally viable, but this seems unreasonable. However, until that is accomplished, Raven seems willing to do the math to get the game as close to that goal as possible.

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