There are many reasons why fans enjoy watching an anime series. Whether they’re watching an anime for its stellar plot or wondering what and how a character will deal with a challenging setting, others will appreciate how a show’s soundtrack will emphasize the scenes that they feel should make them understand.

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The anime’s opening and ending themes are aspects that many fans depend on to run a series. However, some will go beyond the call of duty and insert well-talented anime musicians to increase the excitement about what they are watching.

10 Masami Iwasawa is a great guitarist, singer and songwriter who was mistreated in the world of the living (Angel Beats!)

Masami Iwasawa (Angel Beats!)

Angel Beats! is a heartbreaking anime that will make fans cry and one with compelling characters that will tear fans’ hearts. Not only does the anime cover tragic backstories with its main cast, but the series is known for having compelling music that fans are listening to today.

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The series also features many phenomenal musicians like Masami Iwamasa, who is a great guitarist and singer. She did not have an excellent lifestyle before joining her band called “Girls Dead Monster”, as she was often mocked and gossiped about in the world of the living. Despite all her problems, she is a person her band counts on as a leader and songwriter.

9 Souichi Negishi is a Death Metal artist who wants to live a life outside his norm (Detroit Metal City)

Souichi Negishi of Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City is one of IMDb’s favorite anime musicals that will make fans feel like it fits the description of a television series rather than a feature film. It’s a series that portrays death metal fans as weird and savage individuals while showing off their lifestyles outside of their music-centric territories.

On that note, the main character of the anime, Souichi Negishi, is a famous musician who enjoys playing music rather than the death metal music that he plays like Johannes Krauser II. It is an anime that shows his difficulties in balancing the crazed life he lives with the lifestyle he wants, but manages to show how talented Souichi is as a musician.

8 Kaori Miyazono’s unique violin playing style wowed her audience even though the judges showed no similar emotions (her lie in April)

School anime can be a hit or miss for many fans, considering how many shows fear straying from the norm. On the other hand, Your lie in april is one of MyAnimeList’s favorite school anime due to its plot surrounding its male and female leads, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazano.

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Despite the tragic events between the two near the end of the anime, many fans enjoyed spending time with the characters, especially Kaori and her talented violin skills. Kaori is able to change the melody of her music through her freestyle technique that won praise from her audience despite the disapproval of her judges.

7 Mio Akiyama is featured for emotional and rhythmic support and can play at fast speeds (K-On!)

Mio Akiyama (K-On!)

Whenever an anime points to an original route, many fans find it in poor taste considering how much they value the anime’s original material. Nevertheless, K-On! is an anime with a better original ending than its manga counterpart. Also, this is due to the anime’s portrayal of the main character’s music.

Despite most of the cast being talented, Mio Akimiya is one of the best musicians. Not only does it give your band rhythmic and emotional support when you need it most, but you can also play at high speeds and master two different styles of play.

6 Maki Nishikino is someone who deserves to be center stage despite having negative emotions (Love Live!)

Maki Nikishino (Love Live)

Love lives! is a musical anime that will make fans energetic and excited to see the girls on the show perform their favorite songs. Despite the great cast and multiple seasons, many fans argue that Maki Nishikino deserved her time as the central girl due to her phenomenal singing and musician skills.

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Despite having a lewd attitude, Maki’s abilities are something fans shouldn’t undermine in the least. Not only does she serve as a songwriter and vocal coach for her group, but she also has phenomenal skills on the piano.

5 Brook’s The Straw Hat Crew’s number one musician and became the most iconic rock star in his universe (One Piece)


One piece It has a vast world filled with many unique characters who are talented in their respective fields. Even though Zoro claimed the place as the strongest swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, Brook surpasses him in regards to his experience as a musician. Although Brook would love to join other crews, he has made his mark with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Not only can Brook take a beating with his sword, but he’s a talented musician who only took two years to become the best rock star in the world. Whether fans enjoyed listening to Brook play the Bink’s Sake song or love watching him defeat his enemies with his excellent sword skills, he is a character who loves to see gain some attention.

4 Kumiko Oumae remained a talented euphonium player after giving up her hobby during her childhood (Hibike! Euphonium)

Kumiko Oumae from Hibike Euphonium

Kyoto Animation is known for producing anime that will touch the hearts of fans, whether they want it or not. It was not only Hike! Saxhorn one of these series, but it is also one of the best Kyoto Animation anime of the decade due to its premise and main character, Kumiko Oumae.

Despite leaving her beloved instrument for personal reasons, Kumiko finally plays her euphonium again. She suffers some stress as a bystander to challenging situations around her and has a hard time sharing her emotions with others. Despite her weaknesses, Koumei is an outstanding euphonium player.

3 Nana Osaki was falsely accused during her school life, but she grew up like a rock star (Nana)

Nana Osaki (Nana)

Nana Osaki is a character defined by the phrase “never judge a book by its cover” as she may look like a hardcore goth rock star, but she harbors the emotions of a caring and compassionate individual. Nana is someone who had a difficult life, being expelled for false accusations and abandoned by her mother.

Despite the bad situation she endured during her youth, Nana was determined to become something great and pursued her dreams of becoming a rock star with the band Black Stones or BLAST for short. Not only does she gain a rabid following with BLAST, but Nana ends up falling in love with someone from the show.

two Sentaro Kawabuchi didn’t let his tough childhood ruin his interest in jazz music (Kids On The Slope)

Sentaro Kawabuchi (Children on the Slope)

Sentarou Kawabuchi may not have as strong a focus as the Children on the slope main protagonist Kaoru Nishimi, but she is a noteworthy character for her impressive talent. Despite being someone who loves to get into fights, Sentarou’s story of pain and neglect follows him everywhere.

Of being abandoned by his mother, rejected by his grandmother and even lied to by his aunt and uncle. Despite living a life of torture and lies, Sentarou found happiness in jazz music and loves playing the drum more than any other instrument.

1 Koyuki starts out as a loner, but becomes an inspirational figure to his bandmates and fans of his work (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

Beck's Koyuki

Of the many anime fans who want a revival, many fans claim that musical anime Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad deserves to be seen by modern anime fans. This series not only praises iconic western-style music, but will also showcase the courageous and youthful age of said musical style wonderfully for new fans.

Anime aside, the show’s main character, Yukio Tanaka, is also someone who will inspire some fans to pursue a music career. As a loner, all his life, and someone excluded by others, Yukio finds a place in society when he joins a gang. Fans will witness Yukio’s journey to find himself and become an inspirational figure to those around him.

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