Generating a multinational franchise, Survivor is easily one of the most iconic survival reality shows on television. It has earned a cult fan base over the years and has also generated interest in the survival genre. If fans have been filled with consuming similar survival shows, similar reality podcasts would be an interesting option to learn more about the world of survival.

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While some of these podcasts highlight the real-life experiences of adventurers, others also offer tips and tricks for budding survivors before venturing out into the wild. Most of these podcasts are available to stream on leading platforms like Apple and Spotify.

10 Rob has a podcast

Logo for the podcast Rob Has A Podcast, Host Rob Cesternino

Also know as RHAP, this should be the first podcast recommendation for Survivor fans as it is hosted by show alumnus Rob Cesternino. He had served as a contestant on Survivor: The Amazon as well as Survivor: All Stars. As for his podcast, he primarily provides Cesternino with a platform to offer weekly commentary on the reality show while also inviting other contestants.

From trivia to personal experiences, this podcast has been running for many episodes and provides an interesting behind-the-scenes buzz for fans of the show.

9 The survival show

Cover art for The Survival Show podcast

Rather than relying solely on cinematic courage, a true survivor requires the right mindset, skills, tactics, and equipment. These aspects are covered in great detail in the current podcast. The survival show.

Debuting in 2018, the podcast has been around for more than 70 episodes that get straight to the point rather than talking about sensational survival stories. From dietary requirements to creating shelters, this is a podcast for campers and explorers who want to learn more about survival strategies.

8 The big one

Cover art for The Survival Show podcast

The big one (subtitled ‘Your Survival Guide’) is a podcast that focuses solely on Southern California and its episodes detail the possibility of a likely earthquake in the near future. When the ‘big’ headline hits, the consequences will be drastic not just for Los Angeles but for the entire world.

Rather than just emphasizing the scientific possibilities of this earthquake, host Jacob Margolis relies on a realistic approach to calculate all the survival techniques Californians would need in this time of crisis.

7 Disaster Artists: The Movie Survival Podcast

Cover art for The Disaster Artists (podcast)

This ‘movie survival’ podcast finds hosts Johnny and Shane realistically evaluating iconic movie sets and the chances of survival in each case. And the range of films includes not only disaster and horror classics, but also others such as Man child Y Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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It serves as an engaging commentary on pop culture, while at the same time giving way to unlikely tips for survival in these unlikely movie settings.

6 Survival

Cover art for Survival (Podcast)

Simply titled Survival, this podcast is a quintessential listen to documenting the heroic deeds of people who faced real dangers in life and pushed the limits of survival to get out alive. Each episode tends to focus on a particular personality from around the world, touching on their survival story while simultaneously offering self-preservation lessons that listeners can learn.

So if one episode focused on a Bangladeshi seamstress who emerged from the rubble of a building after 17 days, another would feature a Texas pathologist who survived a snowstorm that hit Mount Everest, and so on.

5 How to survive the end of the world

Cover Art for How to Survive the End of the World (Podcast)

Presented by writers, activists and sisters Autumn Brown and Adrienne Maree Brown, How to survive the end of the world delves into a variety of topics to mentally prepare people in times of crisis. Rather than military-level survival skills, the Brown sisters delve into various psychological aspects one should have for a future apocalypse.

The podcast also covers topics related to racism, social justice, economics, politics, and pop culture, and addresses how these aspects of society are changing over time.

4 I survived

I Survived (Podcast) Cover Art

A spin-off that emerged from the A&E television of the same name, the podcast christened I survived covers timeless stories of human resistance, from the voice and perspective of the survivors themselves. In this way, I survived is one of the most realistic survival podcasts out there.

These cases can cover a wide range of deadly situations, ranging from natural disasters to assassination attempts. Therefore some discretion would be advised to listeners as some episodes may trigger some.

3 In the urban survival of the rabbit hole

Cover art for an In The Rabbit Hole podcast episode

From 2014 to 2019, In the urban survival of the rabbit hole it has had 300 episodes. Unlike most of the other entries on this list, this one is unique in that it offers a beginner’s guide for anyone who survives in a big city. Survival can be a dark and cynical topic for people, both physically and mentally.

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This podcast tries to break that taboo with a more interactive and satirical approach. In fact, at times, the two hosts also covered imaginary situations like surviving an urban zombie apocalypse.

two Primal Survival Podcast

Cover art for Primal Survivor (Podcast)

The description of Primal Survival Podcast mentions that the main mission of this podcast is “discover, educate, inspire, inform and prepare”.

Even though the episode count is not as long as the aforementioned Survival Show, it can still be viewed as a companion podcast to it, as it also attempts to summarize tips related to fitness, nutrition, and shelter. based on survivor observations. Some episodes also detail particular cases such as a bear attack and a mass shooting.

1 Slaying The Dragon: A Survivor Podcast (Slaying The Dragon: A Survivor Podcast)

Cover art for Slaying The Dragon (Podcast)

Hereinafter, Killing the dragon it’s just a few episodes. But it’s a podcast worth watching for its concept alone. There are three presenters behind this show. While two are self-proclaimed uncompromising Survivor Geeks, there is a third wheel who is not willing to love the show with the same level of interest.

This podcast is the journey of the first two hosts to transform their friend from ‘a Survivor skeptical to a Survivor superfan ‘. Thus, the podcast offers a summary of the best moments of the show, playing various seasons and contestants.

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