Mike Youngquist enjoys nature with his new bike and fans are more convinced than ever that he is no longer with Natalie Mordovtseva.

Mike Youngquist of 90 day fiancé he is exploring mountains on his new adventure bike after his split with Natalie Mordovtseva. He posted a couple of breathtaking moments from his last trip to the Northwest region of the United States. The Sequim native, who is popular for his grumpy expressions, looked quite happy in the photos and videos he shared. He seems to be liking the fact that his on-screen wife Natalie is out and about. She was first seen exploring the streets of New Orleans with a mysterious man. He soon traveled to Tampa, Florida, and said he loves the weather there.

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Natalie Mordovtseva informed her Instagram followers that she is in Florida to work with a few different content creators to create cooking videos. He also flaunted his luxurious hotel suite and greeted the hotel staff. She has been continually promoting the hotel on her social media, so it appears that she has collaborated with them as well. The native of Ukraine was also scheduled for liposuction in Florida. The procedure was performed on her waist, abdomen, and chin. While Natalie adores her new cosmetic procedure, her husband Mike enjoys off-road riding on his expensive new bike, a Kawasaki KLR 650.

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Mike Youngquist posted a photo while wearing a bike helmet and making a peace sign to the camera. He then shared a stunning photo of his new bike, which looked spectacular in front of huge green trees. As seen in the post below, Mike also recorded a magnificent view of a flowing river. The 35-year-old TV star was surprised to see the panoramic view and said that “there is nothing more beautiful than this.“Mike then surprised his fans by showing the ring rings of a tree, which were as wide as its height of 6 feet 2 inches. Watch the videos below.

Additionally, Mike also recorded snow capped mountains and lush green areas in the Northwest region. After seeing the positive and happier side of Mike, many 90 day fiancé Fans are convinced that he is not together with Natalie. One fan wrote: “I’m glad you traded Natalie for the bike.“Another fan said”It’s good to see you smiling and happy. ” Someone else commented, “You look so happy I’m glad you’re free.“Some fans wanted to confirm Mike’s separation and asked him where his wife was.

As usual, Mike avoided answering those questions. Natalie is enjoying her life in Florida and did not address rumors of her breakup with Mike either. Previously, his wrong bio for him Maximum The cover girl contest started a rumor that she would be appearing on 90 days: the single life. But, the 36-year-old beauty confirmed that it is “impossible. “She said the magazine made a mistake and now it has been corrected. Natalie stated that it will only appear in the 90 day fiancé cleave Happy forever? season 6 for now.

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